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Electronic Drum Kit Offers Rock-Solid Percussion Control with USB/MIDI Triggering

Cumberland, R.I. (Jan. 17, 2008) – Alesis, the world’s leading manufacturer of professional audio equipment and studio electronics, introduces the Alesis USB Pro Drum Kit; a premium-quality, electronic drum kit with revolutionary new electronic cymbals and a USB/MIDI pad trigger interface.   

The Alesis USB Pro Drum Kit combines the popular Alesis Trigger|iO with drum kit controller hardware to give drummers a complete e-percussion kit for playing software drum modules using a highly accurate and expressive drum kit.

All of the pads in the USB Pro Drum Kit have real drum heads that deliver a very natural feel. The snare and tom pads have dual zone triggers for added expression, and all of the cymbals have been designed to offer a natural, true cymbal feel. The 13” Surge Crash and 16” Surge Ride ride cymbal have choke capability and the ride has dual-zone triggering. The kit also includes a 12” Surge electronic HiHat (Single-zone), while the HiHat controller pedal sends continuous controller messages for realistic HiHat playability.

The Alesis USB Pro Kit features:

•    USB/MIDI control which sends notes and controller information to a software program or hardware module
•    Real drum heads and electronic cymbals with dual-zone triggers
•    HiHat pedal which constantly translates motion into proper expressiveness at various open and closed settings
•    Ten TRS trigger inputs for Single or Dual-zone trigger input
•    Twenty programmable presets for storing and recalling various setups
•    BFD Lite Software Drum Module (Mac and PC) with pro-quality acoustic and electronic drums in standalone, VST, AU and DXi plug-in formats
•    Compatibility with most music software applications
•    Easy Interface for quick editing and user setups
•    USB 1.1 Plug and Play (Windows and Mac), MIDI Out
•    HiHat input for on/off or Continuous Control of HiHat sound for natural playability
•    Up/Down foot switch input for selecting kits remotely
•    Customizable trigger settings for Gain, assignment of MIDI channels, Note numbers, Crosstalk, Velocity curve, Threshold, Re-trigger time and Pad type
•    Mounting holes for optional drum stand mount

The Alesis USB Pro Drum Kit will be available Q2 - 2008 at music instrument retailers worldwide at an MSRP of $799.