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David Kinkade

David Kinkade was born in New Jersey in 1983. At the age of 3, he started picking up drums after his Grandfather gave him his first drum kit.

Now 24 years later, David has become on of the world's top extreme metal drummers. His extreme double bass speeds and technique earned him the title of world's fastest feet. David's technique is not limited to metal. He is experienced in jazz, fusion, prog., swing, rock and many others versions of music.

David also has an extensive teaching background including 8 years of private instructions with students ranging from beginner to pro. In the summer of 2008, David worked with 13 students ranging from ages 7-13, at an middle school program aimed at teaching children with autism the beginning fundamentals of drums and percussion.

He joined Soulfly in the summer of 2011. Former bands include- Borknagar, Malevolent Creation, Arsis, Divine Empire, Council of the Fallen. Aside from drums and music, Kinkade is an avid animal rights supporter. He founded "Metal 4 Paws" in 2007 in support of bringing the metal community together to fight animal abuse.