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DM10 X Kit Mesh

Six-Piece Electronic Drum Kit with Mesh Drum Heads
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The Iconic DM10 X Kit – Now in Mesh

The Alesis DM10 X Kit Mesh is a premium six-piece electronic drum set with mesh drum heads that delivers unprecedented feel and expression to modern drummers. Featuring 10- and 12-inch drum pads with black mesh drum heads; 12-, 14-, and 16-inch cymbals; the DM10 drum and percussion sound module; and the durable chrome-plated XRack, DM10 X Kit Mesh enables today’s musicians to practice, perform, and record with unprecedented response and 1,000+ drum and percussion samples featuring Dynamic Articulation™ technology. Plus, an advanced sequencer, metronome, and play-along tracks help you hone your skills, so you will be ready for the studio or the stage.

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Key Features:

  • Mesh drum heads enhance feel and reduce acoustic noise
  • 6-piece kit with 10/10/12/12” Toms and 12” Snare
  • 4-piece cymbal set: 12” Hi-Hat, two 14” Crashes, and 16” Ride
  • Sturdy 4-post X-Rack with boom cymbal arms & hinged clamps
  • 4 points of sensitivity on each drum head for superior response
  • Includes DM10 sound module with 12 trigger inputs and mixer
  • Over 1,000 uncompressed samples featuring Dynamic Articulation™
  • Control computer software over a USB connection
  • Connects to iPad via Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit
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DM10 – Firmware Updates [posted 8/5/2014]
This zip file includes the latest Boot, App, Trigger, and Sound ROM firmware updates which improve overall performance of the DM10 module. It increases sensitivity, reduces the possibility of crosstalk, and enhances system stability. This update also adds default trigger settings for the DM10 X Kit Mesh, and the DM10 Studio Kit Mesh drum kits, and adds compatibility with the Alesis Pro X Hi-Hat as well.

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