Welcome to the February 2010 edition of the Alesis Newsletter. This month, we’ve received a TON of coverage and we’re passing along what other people are saying about Alesis gear to you.


  • The TransActive Drummer is Now Shipping
  • Mike Dolbear Samples the DM10 Pro Kit
  • DMdrummer.com User Community Pops Up
  • Gearwire Covers the PalmTrack
  • Harmony Central Covers the VideoTrack
  • Sound On Sound With DM10 Studio Kit
  • Harmony Central Covers the USB Studio Drum Kit


  • DM10 Update

Tips and Tricks

  • Gearwire micron Walkthrough



The amp made for today’s electronic drummer, the TransActive Drummer is a wedge-type monitor that’s perfect for both the practice room and the performance stage. This 50-watt, self-powered amp features inputs for the drumset and an aux source such as a metronome, and a built-in dock for your iPod. Plus, you can chain two together with a standard TRS cable for a stereo, 100-watt system! Check it out!

Well-respected drumming site, MikeDolbear.com, took a very close look at the DM10 Pro Kit. The site’s review gets deep into the details you want to know about. Read all about what they had to say about the DM10 Pro Kit.

Completely unaffiliated with Alesis, a new forum, DMdrummer.com, has been created for fans and players of Alesis drums Check out the community of players and join in the conversation at DMdrummer.com.

What’s better than Alesis studio recording gear? Alesis recording gear in the palm of your hand! Meet the PalmTrack and check out Gearwire’s coverage of this hot new 24-bit field recorder.

Our first foray into the world of video, the VideoTrack and the Harmony Central’s video on it, in case you couldn’t make the show.

Our latest addition to the Alesis drums line, the DM10 Studio Kit is our first six-piece kit. It features RealHead pads with genuine drumheads, new low-noise DMPad cymbals, and our acclaimed DM10 module. Watch it in action with Sound on Sound.

Why should keyboard players and DJs get to have all the fun playing with software sound modules? The USB STUDIO DRUM KIT is the drummer’s MIDI controller. Perfect for playing the sound in any MIDI software or hardware drum module, the USB Pro Drum Kit feels like drums and sound like… well, whatever you want it sound like Watch it in action with Harmony Central.

Whether you have a DM10 Pro Kit, a DM10 Studio Kit or the DM10 module, these new settings are ideal for harder hitters. They’ll give you more dynamic range, improved sensitivity, and improved crosstalk performance. Download them here.

This month, we’re showing you Gearwire’s in-depth coverage of our popular, compact synth, the micron. Watch the video to see the tips for getting the most out of this mighty mite.


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