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The Alesis booth was a main attraction at NAMM 2012, spawning a tidal wave of product videos across the web. In this month’s newsletter, you’ll get to experience all the new Alesis gear as if you were there. We have up-close-and-personal videos of AmpDock, Vortex, DM Dock and all three new Q-series controllers. We’ll also check in with the glass-shattering abilities of professional voice coach, author and Alesis addict, Jaime Vendera.

The Verge gets us started with this video covering the DM Dock for drummers and AmpDock for guitarists:

Alesis in the news!


- iO Dock Wins EM's Editor's Choice

- iOS Musician and the AmpDock

- Keyboard Magazine and the Vortex

- DJ TechTools and the Vortex

- Planet DJ and the Q Series

- The Verge Visits Alesis

- Harmony Central and the DM Dock

- G4TV’s Attack of the Show meets DM Dock


- Jaime Vendera

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iO Dock Wins EM's Editor's Choice

From day one, the iO Dock has been a certifiable hit. Now our friends at Electronic Musician have bestowed a 2012 Editor's Choice award to the little dock that could. Learn more about iO Dock here.

iOS Musician and the AmpDock

Check out the world’s first multi-effects processor for iPad. iOS Musician brings you this straightforward overview of the AmpDock. A rebellious cousin to the iO Dock, this flashy red guitar processor gives you unlimited access to incredible tone, all while keeping your iPad safe on top of your amp. The included pedalboard gives you complete control over your effects. See the video here.

Keyboard Magazine and the Vortex

What’s better than a keytar? A keytar with a built-in MIDI-assignable accelerometer and iOS compatibility, that’s what. In this video you’ll get an up-close look at the Alesis Vortex. Power it with batteries. Power it with USB. Either way, you get 37 velocity-sensitive keys, eight velocity sensitive pads, rotary encoders, a ribbon slide and more ready to rock the stage like never before. See what extreme expressive control looks like.

DJ TechTools and the Vortex

It isn't everyday that a keytar captures the attention of a DJ publication, but when you've got something this exciting, everyone wants to know more. In this overview from DJ TechTools, you’ll see more of the Vortex's incredible features, including a great shot of its inputs and outputs and the lightshow that happens when you start hammering its 37 keys.

Planet DJ and the Q Series

Alesis’ own Dan Radin talks to Planet DJ about the new additions to the Q-Series family: QX61, QX25 and Q61. If you’re a MIDI keyboardist, the Q-series has something for you, from basic and compact to large and in charge. Check out the Q-noobs here.

The Verge covers DM Dock & AmpDock

The Verge checks in again with this video covering both the DM Dock and the AmpDock. Both work with virtually any Core MIDI app and give you access to new sounds instantly via your iPad’s wireless capability. You’ll also get a great first look at the DM Touch app. With its drag and drop setup, it’s the easiest way to customize your kit at a moment’s notice.

Harmony Central and the DM Dock

The DM Dock gives you 13 trigger inputs to connect drum pads, acoustic drum triggers and more. Plus all the inputs are dual-zone and support multiple choke-able cymbals including triple-zone rides, and dual-zone continuous hi-hats. Check out this video from Harmony Central for more on the drum module that’s actually made for drummers.

G4TV’s Attack of the Show & the DM Dock

Kelly Beckett from G4TV gives you some more great visuals of the DM Dock, including an all-new feature: the hinged opening that completely encloses your iPad on all four sides. The DM Dock seamlessly integrates your iPad to give you the most powerful and easy-to-use drum module ever.

Alesis Artist
Jaime Vendera

Singer, vocal coach, Alesis gear enthusiast and author of over a dozen books, Jaime Vendera is one busy man. When he’s not literally breaking glasses with his stunning vocal ability, Vendera can be found in his studio with a host of Alesis gear from the past and present. Check out his artist page here.