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If you like music gear and innovation, this is the newsletter you’ve been waiting for!

Get your first look at all the new Alesis gear just unveiled at NAMM 2012: the AmpDock and DM Dock expand upon the groundbreaking design of the iO Dock, opening up unprecedented creative power for guitarists and drummers. The Vortex is going to make you keyboardists very happy. Did we mention SamplePad is now available? Happy 2012.

Alesis in the news!


- Storm the Stage: Meet the Vortex Keytar

- Three New MIDI Controllers

- SamplePad Arrives in Stores

- Preview: DM Dock

- Preview: AmpDock

- Wired Covers the iO Dock

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Storm the Stage: Meet the Vortex Keytar

Oh, yes we did. The Vortex is the first USB/MIDI keytar controller and the first keytar to feature an embedded MIDI-assignable accelerometer. Outrageous? Yes. The most fun you’ll ever have on stage? Obviously. Meet the keytar that will free you from the shadows at the back of the stage, giving you unprecedented control—the perfect storm. Enjoy.

Three New MIDI Controllers

The USB/MIDI controller news continues with our three latest MIDI keyboards: QX25, QX61 and Q61. Musicians everywhere fell in love with the Q-series, so we’re expanding the family. Now, whether you need simple or advanced MIDI control, from 25 keys up to 61, there’s a Q-series controller for you. Meet the extended family.

SamplePad Arrives in Stores

If you want to incorporate any sound into your drumset, 2012 is off to a great start. SamplePad is now available. It’s easy to use, fits almost anywhere and allows you to add any sound to your rig via standard SD card. Sound good to you? It will.

Preview: DM Dock

It’s the drum module you’ve always wanted. Imagine changing and enhancing your sound library at a moment’s notice. Imagine downloading a new snare drum or ride cymbal to suit a venue. Imagine downloading a reverb or room delay to suit a particular room’s acoustics or loading an entirely new kit to suit a last-minute gig.

Imagine no more: DM Dock.

Preview: AmpDock

Get the tone you’ve always wanted using the power of your iPad. The AmpDock harnesses the massive processing power of iPad, allowing you to unleash your ultimate guitar tone. Building upon the design and technology of the widely acclaimed Alesis iO Dock, the AmpDock is the world's first device for guitarists that enables tonal shaping through iPad's processor. Tone up.

Wired Covers the iO Dock

iO Dock is highlighted in Wired magazine’s Buying Guide for iPad Songsmiths. They give a rundown of its I/O’s and assess the iO Dock to be a very capable tool for studio musicians: “The whole assembly is wedge-shaped, and your iPad snaps onto the top of the wedge so it sits tipped toward you. It's a useful piece of hardware for producing tracks in a studio…” Get the whole review here.