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Welcome to the May 2011 edition of the Alesis newsletter. This month we're excited to announce the availability of two new electronic drum kits that are both built around the explosive DM8 drum module. Also, we’ll introduce you to the iO Dock, the only pro-audio dock for iPad, and show you how to upgrade your DM10 module. Don’t forget the Deals and Steals section; this month we have special offers on a Rock Band Drum Module and the VideoTrack!


  • The DM8 USB Kit is Now Shipping
  • The DM8 Pro Kit is Now in Stores
  • Introducing the iO Dock
  • The Cavern Uses Alesis Gear to Record Bands

Downloads & Updates

  • DM10 Studio Kit Trigger Settings Update

Deals and Steals

  • Get a Free Rock Band Drum Module
  • Get $30 cash back on the Alesis VideoTrack!


The DM8 USB Kit is compact, quiet, and sets up quickly. Whether you want to practice late at night, limit noise in your studio, or just have a compact kit for jamming, the DM8 USB Kit is the perfect choice. Try it out for yourself; the DM8 USB Kit is now shipping to music stores everywhere. Click here for more information.

For drummers who demand the feel of an acoustic setup, but want the versatility of an electronic kit, the DM8 Pro Kit is the perfect choice. The DM8 Pro Kit is the first electronic drumset with 16” triple-zone Ride and 14” Crash cymbals, and 12" RealHead drum pads; The DM8 Pro Kit is now available at your favorite Alesis dealer. Find our more here.

The iO Dock is the first device that enables musicians to connect instruments or virtually any piece of pro-audio gear to their iPad. If you’re serious about utilizing your iPad for recording, performances, or anything music related, iO Dock is the only way to give your iPad pro-audio inputs and outputs. Like iPad itself, the range of uses for the iO Dock is limited only by your imagination.

The world-famous Cavern Club in Liverpool England that helped launch the career of The Beatles is now using the Alesis HD24 to help bands record their performances at the venue. The Cavern Club and HD24 both remain legends decades after their rises to fame. Want to record your next gig there? Check them out.

Those wanting to optimize their DM10 Studio Kit can find an all-new Trigger Settings Update here. Based on user feedback and continued fine-tuning by Alesis, this update will adjust the sensitivity, threshold and crosstalk of each pad on your DM10 Studio Kit, providing increased accuracy and tighter response.

Alesis’ sister company, ION, has created a whole new gaming experience for drummers with the DRUM ROCKER MODULE for the Rock Band video games series. Now, when you purchase a DM6 USB Kit or DM10 Pro Kit, you’ll get a DRUM ROCKER MODULE for FREE! Combined with your DM6 USB Kit or DM10 Pro Kit, the DRUM ROCKER MODULE will enable you to play the entire *Rock Band series of video games. Could practicing get any more fun? Grab the rebate form here.

The Alesis VideoTrack handheld camera gives you the power to record quality, web-ready video and has two, high quality, stereo condenser microphones. Whether you post videos on the web or just like to relive performances, the high-quality video and audio captured by Alesis VideoTrack will make sure you don’t miss a thing. This month you can save a cool $30 on your very own VideoTrack. Learn more here.


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