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This month we’ve got five new pieces of gear now available, including two new tube preamps, and successors to the iconic 3630 compressor and NanoVerb effects processor. In other news, it seems the iO Dock is getting some A-list attention lately: check out our exclusive interview with Bruce Hendrix, keyboard tech for Aerosmith, NIN, Stevie Nicks, Seal and more. You can also get your iO Dock tuned up with a new firmware update.

It’s all in this edition of the Alesis newsletter.

Alesis in the news!


- 3632 Compressor Now Shipping

- MicTube Duo & Solo Now In Stores

- MultiMix 6 Cue Available Now

- NanoVerb 2 Arrives


- Bruce Hendrix

Downloads and Updates

- iO Dock Firmware Update

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3632 Compressor Now Shipping

The 3630 is a legend in the industry, reigning as the most popular dynamics processor ever made. Now, the 3632 Compressor is ready to build upon that legacy by giving you two independent, full-featured compressor/limiters in one compact rack unit. Get superb sonic quality for any application from studio recording to live sound or broadcast. The 3632 Compressor is available now.

MicTube Duo & MicTube Solo Now In Stores

The classic 12AX7 vacuum tube is at the heart of both the MicTube Solo and MicTube Duo mic preamps. Both provide warm, vintage tone and minimized circuitry paths that preserve the integrity of a microphone’s signal. Classic tube sound in compact boxes that will fit almost anywhere: MicTube Solo and MicTube Duo are available now.

MultiMix 6 Cue Available Now

Powerful mixing and monitoring in a compact rack unit: MultiMix 6 Cue is able to provide six independent mixes for up to 18 sets of headphones or in-ear monitors, and is perfect for the studio or stage. Hear a clear, custom mix and unleash maximum creativity with MultiMix 6 Cue, available now.

NanoVerb 2 Arrives

Expansive hall, plate, spring and tape reverbs, plus true-stereo delay, chorus, tremolo, flange and rotary speaker effects: NanoVerb 2 packs all of these essential effects in a compact design that will fit almost anywhere. Create just the right space and depth to enhance your studio tracks or live performance: NanoVerb 2 is now available.

Alesis Artist
iO Dock at the Top:
An Interview with Bruce Hendrix

Bruce Hendrix has worked as a keyboard tech for some of the biggest artists in the world including Aerosmith, Nine Inch Nails, Seal and Matchbox Twenty. In this interview, Bruce shares his invaluable wisdom and some of the memorable experiences he’s gained during his 25-year career. He also gives us a glimpse of how the iO Dock is transforming live performances at the very top of the music industry.

Downloads and Updates
iO Dock Firmware Update

The iO Dock firmware update v1.05 improves your iO Dock’s performance when using it with external MIDI devices like keyboard controllers and MIDI-pad gear. Plus, this update will also allow you to activate and deactivate the iO Dock’s Video output. Get it here.