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This month, we've assembled a collection of all new videos just for you. For drummers, there are videos for the PerformancePad Pro, PercPad, DM8 USB Kit, DM8 Pro Kit and the new flagship DM10 X Kit. These videos are perfect for hearing and seeing these world-class drumsets in action. For iPad users we have a new iO Dock video that shows just how easy it is to integrate the Alesis iO Dock into a studio and lay down tracks using MIDI. The video extravaganza starts below!

Electronic Drumsets

  • Feel the Fusion: The DM8 Pro Kit
  • Late Night Jamming: The DM8 USB Kit
  • Hey Good Looking: The DM10 X Kit

Mobile Music

  • App Control. There’s a dock for that.

Multi-Pad Electronic Percussion

  • Instant Expansion: The PercPad
  • 500-Piece Kit Anyone? The PerformancePad Pro


Acoustic feel, electronic versatility: the DM8 Pro Kit is the perfect choice for drummers who want to experience a fusion of the classic and the cutting-edge. The DM8 Pro Kit features the most accurate size and space relationships of any electronic kit in its price class. Its Alesis RealHead pads deliver the same reaction and response as acoustic drumheads, and just wait until you hear how it sounds.

Hear for yourself some of the sounds and capabilities we’ve packed into the DM8 USB Kit. Whether you want to practice late at night, limit noise in your studio or just have a compact kit for jamming, the compact DM8 USB Kit is for you. It may be compact, but the DM8 USB Kit is ready to erupt with over 750 sounds featuring Alesis’ exclusive Dynamic Articulation™ multi-sample technology.

It's chrome-plated and packing serious technology. The DM10 X Kit not only features impressive-sized RealHead drum pads, it also has an advanced sequencer and more than 1,000 sounds featuring Dynamic Articulation™ multi-sample technology. It feels great, it looks incredible and the sounds it contains are second to none: this premium, six-piece professional electronic drum set is going to satisfy your senses and turn a lot of heads.

Like iPad itself, the limits and uses for the iO Dock are only set by your imagination. In addition to its host of audio inputs and outputs, the iO Dock also brings standard MIDI connections to your iPad. In this video you’ll see just how easy the iO Dock makes combining your MIDI-compatible iPad music apps with your favorite MIDI controllers.

With the PercPad, you can add percussion, drums and electronic sounds to any setup. This compact, four-pad instrument features 25 of the most in-demand drum and percussion sounds including sounds from Latin America and Asia. Easy to use, small enough to fit virtually anywhere and full of useful sounds: in this video, you’ll see what we mean when we say that the PercPad was designed for every drummer.

The PerformancePad Pro is an eight-pad multi-percussion instrument chock full with over 500 sounds and a three-part sequencer. Make it part of your rig, play it standalone, create loops and sequences and add texture to your band’s sound: PerformancePad Pro allows you to do all this and more. Check out this video to hear some of the amazing sounds and rhythms you can unleash when the PerformancePad Pro is under your sticks.


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