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Jaime Vendera

Jaime Vendera is one of the most sought-after vocal coaches on the planet. Using the methods that he created, Jaime turned his two-octave range into six octaves with 120 decibels of raw vocal power. When singers need to add more vocal range, power and projection, maintain their voices, or build up vocal stamina necessary to perform every night, they call Jaime.

Glass Shattering Vocal Coach and musician Jaime Vendera also has a guilty pleasure. He openly admits to having an addiction to Alesis products. Since the early 90’s, when Jaime bought his first vocal effects processor, the Alesis QuadraVerb, he as been an avid Alesis supporter. To complete his studio at the time, he invested in an ADAT, following the success of Alanis Morisette’s album, “Jagged Little Pill”. To complement the ADAT, he added a set of Monitor Ones, an RA100 amplifier, and a 3630 compressor, while convincing his then drummer, now bass player, Keith Gilbert, to invest in the original D4 drum system. Since that time, he’s been a hardcore Alesis drum fan as well, now working with a DM10 Studio Kit.

As a life-long keyboard player, Jaime stayed faithful to Alesis by adding both an Alesis S4 and S4+ keyboard rack mount unit to his Yamaha and Roland setup. With the release of the Alesis QS full keyboard line, he opted to make the complete switch by replacing his key two full Alesis keyboards, the QS7 76-key synth and the QS8 88-key fully weighted piano. When asked what he thought of the Alesis QS line, Jaime stated that he was hooked for life from the moment he heard the piano sounds. And although the QS series is now part of their Legacy line, the discontinued models, he will play them till they can’t play no more. In his opinion, the sound banks in his Quadra-card collection, consisting of the Vintage Keyboards, Vintage Synthesizers, Classical Stereo Piano, and Classical Instruments cards have some of the best sounds he’s ever heard. To complete his collection, he also added a blank Q-card for creating his own sounds to give him all he needed for live performance.

Now that Jaime is in the studio, adding the recording of his own music to his professional vocal coaching, workshop touring and breaking glass on television career, he plans to use his favorite QS sound banks to layer their heavy music to sweeten the mix. Jaime states that he, and his guitarist Scott Stith, plan to record many of the vocal and guitar overdubs in their home studios via Alesis MultiMix 8 USB mixing boards. Always impressed with the Alesis drum line, his band plans to bring in the new DM10 Studio Kit so that Jaime’s drummer, Tim Odle can bring the recording mix to a whole new level, allowing them to continually record new music on the fly.

His critically acclaimed training manuals Raise Your Voice Second Edition and The Ultimate Breathing Workout have been used by countless singers worldwide, amateur and professional. He has worked with professional artists from several record companies, including Atlantic, Epic and Universal records.

Combining his vocal training methods with his Mindset program (the secret to his success drive) Jaime turns singers into vocal monsters. Not only does he teach his unique methods through private & online lessons, he also conducts vocal seminars and workshops worldwide. These methods are explained through his product line and program The Ultimate Vocal Workout.

As of 2010, Jaime Vendera and Scott Stith have begun traveling the world, conducting vocal & performance workshops in countries such as Bahrain and Australia. They plan to continue adding countries to their workshop roster as well as expand the vocal & performance series to add the entire musical experience, covering vocals, guitar, bass, drums, performance and product demonstration workshops so that fellow musicians can learn innovative techniques and discover the latest, best, and most affordable music products available to take your musical experience to the next level. Jaime states that Alesis will surely be at the top of the list in the product demonstration circuit.