Alesis DM10 - Setup Guide

Like any new kit - be it electronic or otherwise - a few small adjustments is all that is needed in order for the DM10 kit to be up, running, and ready to rock. While there are lots of other fine-tuning options available that you may become familiar with

Alesis DM10 - Setup With Addictive Drums

One of the greatest features on the Alesis DM10 drum module is the convenient USB connection, allowing you to trigger your favorite DAW or virtual instruments on your computer right from the DM10 kit. This tutorial walks through setting up a DM10 drum mod

Alesis DM10 - Updating the Module & Installing the Blue Jay Sound Set

For those drummers out there who have purchased an Alesis DM10 electronic drum kit, the following article walks you through how to easily update the module to the latest firmware. Whether you are looking to just ensure that you have the latest and greates

Alesis DM7X Module - Video Walkthrough

The Alesis DM7X is a professional quality module with a ton of features and is a great choice for any electronic drummer whether you are just starting out or you've been playing electronic kits for years. To learn more about the features of the DM7X modul

Alesis DM7X Session Kit - Frequently Asked Questions

Step up and start drumming with the DM7X Session Kit from Alesis. Packed with premium Alesis sounds and onboard extras, the expandable DM7X module is the heart of your new drumset. Extremely playable pads offer realistic extras such as a dual-zone snare f

Alesis DM7X Kit - Frequently Asked Questions

Featuring ultra-quiet rubber drum and cymbal pads, a preassembled rack that will have you playing in minutes, a low-noise Stealth Kick 2 pedal, and a completely reimagined and redesigned module, the DM7X Kit and DM7X Session Kit are the perfect choices fo

Alesis DM Lite Module - Video Walkthrough

The Alesis DM Lite is a fantastic introductory kit that keeps on teaching as your skills continue to grow! This article walks through the main features of the Alesis DM Lite kit.

Alesis DM Lite Kit - Frequently Asked Questions

n exciting light show to any performance! The Alesis DM Lite Kit with light-up LED pads will have any novice or accomplished drummer playing—and playing better—right away. The pre-assembled kit sets up quickly—no tools required. In addition to hundr


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