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MicTube Series

The classic 12AX7 vacuum tube is at the heart of both the MicTube Solo and MicTube Duo mic preamps. Both provide warm, vintage tone and minimized circuitry paths that preserve the integrity of a microphone’s signal. Classic tube sound in compact boxes that will fit almost anywhere: MicTube Solo and MicTube Duo are available now. Choose one below to learn more:

MicTube Solo: Add warm, vintage tone to any mic or instrument with the MicTube Solo preamplifier.Two knobs and four buttons are all you need to optimize the MicTube Solo for virtually any setting. You’ll find a -20 dB pad switch for mics with hotter outputs or louder sound sources. Learn more here.

MicTube Duo: In additional to standard 3-pin XLR jacks for microphones, the MicTube Duo also gives you 1/4", high-impedance DI jacks for plugging in guitars and basses. Separate Gain and Drive (“vintage”) controls allow you to dial in the perfect blend of level and tone, and a LED meter trees are perfect for keeping an eye on levels. Check out all the details here.