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TransActive Live

Portable PA System for iPod

Powerful sound reinforcement to go.

The TransActive Live is a complete, active PA system in a single, portable cabinet you can carry in one hand. The system has inputs for all kinds of instruments, a dock for your iPod, a built-in amplifier, and a two-way loudspeaker. You can play small gigs with just one box and no need for roadies thanks to its built-in carry handle for easy transport to and from the show.


The TransActive Live's input section enables you to connect a mic with its combo XLR-1/4" input plus 1/4" guitars and line-level instruments, and RCA instruments and music sources so you can play with a backing track, drum machine, or sampler. You can dock your iPod and use it as a backing track or interlude-music source thanks to the TransActive Live's built-in dock.


The TransActive Live uses a built-in amplifier for low distortion and high efficiency. The large driver gives you great low end and powerful, crisp highs.


The TransActive Live has a built-in rechargeable battery for up to 12 hours of cordless amplification. You can also plug in for unlimited performance time.

Play out with the TransActive Live. You'll spend less time and energy carrying and setting up, and more time enjoying the gig.

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  • Single-box complete PA system with dock for iPod
  • XLR–1/4" combo input for microphones
  • 1/4" guitar and line-level instrument input
  • RCA inputs for drum machines and other music sources
  • Handle for transport
  • Battery with level indicator for up to 12 hours of cordless sound
  • TransActive Live
  • Power cable
  • Quick start guide