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QCards - Classical
Instruments Plus

With its massive eight megabytes of 16-bit, 48kHz linear, master-quality samples and state-of-the-art synthesizer voicing, the Alesis Classical Instruments Plus QCard™ is the ultimate collection of sampled orchestral instruments.

The Alesis Classical Instruments Plus QCard contains hundreds of carefully recorded 16-bit samples that are completely compatible with all Alesis QuadraSynth® and QS Series™ synthesizers. With its innovative self-referencing design, this card is 100% plug-and-play. Since the instrumental samples on this QCard are multisampled at high sampling rates, many with vibrato played by renowned symphonic musicians, the instruments maintain their authentic tonal characteristics uniformly across the keyboard. By combining these rich, high-quality instruments with those already in your Alesis synth, you get all the voices you need for your finest recordings and performances.

This collection of authentic classical instruments begins with a selection of solo and ensemble strings. Every section size from chamber groups to lush legato cello sections is covered for a wide variety of musical styles. All of the families in the orchestra are included, from rich brass to warm woodwinds to a selection of percussion instruments. Even pipe organs, choirs, synthesizers and a piano have been added for your most dynamic classical and film score orchestrations.

The Alesis Orchestral QCard contains 128 Programs and 100 multitimbral Mixes for use on Alesis QuadraSynth® and QS Series™ synthesizers. Also included are two floppy disks for Macintosh™ and Windows™ computers, each containing 256 additional Programs, 200 Mixes and the Alesis FreeLoader™ application.

All information is preliminary and subject to change.