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The new flagship Alesis kit.

The DM10 Pro Kit is the finest drum set we have ever made. In designing this professional kit, we looked carefully at what was already available and what we, as drummers, always wanted to have in an electronic drum set. By following these basic principles, we made the DM10 Pro Kit what it is: like nothing else, and the most natural, flexible electronic drumming experience available today.

Like any other electronic drum set, the DM10 Pro Kit has four key components: the drum pads, the cymbals, the rack or mounting hardware, and, of course, the drum module or “brain.” We looked carefully at each of those pieces in creating the DM10 Pro Kit and found some new ways to put our own twist on them. Let’s take a closer look.

RealHead Drum Pads

Do you like having to adjust your playing technique to different kinds of pads? We didn’t think so. That’s why we created the DM10 Pro Kit’s RealHead Pads. They use real, acoustic drumheads and standard triple-flanged steel counterhoops, so the feel under your sticks is exactly what you expect. No trampoline-esque rebound to compensate for and no rebound-eating soft rubber. Just adjust the head tension with a standard drum key and play DRUMS.

RealHead Pads comes in two sizes, 8” and 10”, both of which give you head and rim triggering. You can play naturally with rimshots or rim clicks, or you dial in whatever sounds you like on the rims from finger cymbals to gongs. RealHead pads come with our new black Alesis drumheads and you can replace them with virtually any model of drumhead from any maker. The rubber, sound-reducing rim sleeves are removable so you can customize their feel and level of sound.

RealHead pads mount on a standard 10.5mm L-rod or post so you can play them not close-up on mounting rod and pad mounting hardware only in the complete DM10 Pro Kit, but they’re also easy to integrate into any drum, percussion, or multi-instrument setup.

Just like the tom and snare pads, the RealHead Kick Pad features a real, tension-adjustable drumhead. alternate view of kick pads, ideally with double pedal attached It has heavy-duty spikes for no-slip stability, and an all-metal frame that accommodates all single and double kick pedals.

SURGE Cymbals

The DM10 Pro Kit comes with our premium, metal-alloy SURGE Cymbals. Just like Realhead Pads, the idea behind SURGE Cymbals was that you shouldn’t have to change the way you play just because you’re using an electronic instrument. Guitarists and keyboard players don’t trade their strings and keys for rubber when they play electric instruments, and we think drummers shouldn’t have to either.

A SURGE Cymbal starts life as a lathed alloy cymbal. close-up on lathing lines We laminate its underside with a clear sound-dampening layer and then attach custom triggers. show underside with trigger in ABS housing (box) The result is the most natural feeling electronic cymbals on the planet. The stick response is exactly what you’d expect because you don’t need to change the way you play, the sticks you use, or anything else. SURGE Cymbals can even track the little things drummers do on their cymbals, such as choking the crash and ride, crashing the ride, and even playing with full dynamic sensitivity on the bell of the ride! Plus the new RealHat Pedal show pedal enables you to perform with continuously variable hi-hat sounds from open to closed and all points in between plus foot chick and heel splash.

Just like RealHead Pads, SURGE Cymbals mount on standard cymbal stands and arms, close-up on cymbel mounting hole with cymbal stand hardware so they’re easy to position and integrate into any setup. And because they look like acoustic cymbals, it’s easy to sneak a couple of SURGE Cymbals into an acoustic setup to trigger windchimes, concert bass drum, or any other sound you might want!

ErgoRack System

With the DM10 Pro Kit, we decided to take a different approach to the rack system. We wanted to create a drum rack that was easy to set up, easy to adjust, looked great on stage, and was large and heavy duty enough for extensive expansion. Those were the ideas that gave birth to the new ErgoRack.

The ErgoRack is a professional, ergonomically curved, chrome plated drum rack. show curved cross bar It employs 1 1/2” steel tubing, which is standard throughout the drum industry, so you can expand and customize it with clamps, bars, and other components from virtually all drum hardware makers.

The ErgoRack is easy to set up. It features hinged, quick-release, die-cast metal clamps at all key points with massive T-handles to make it easy to set secure tension and break down quickly. close-up on hinged, metal gray clamp on rack All of the drum and cymbal-mounting clamps also feature oversized thumbscrews so you won’t need a drumkey or other tools to adjust positioning.

The ErgoRack also features large boom cymbal arms built right into the down-tubes show these so you have more positioning and expansion flexibility. The ErgoRack is large enough that you can add on additional drum pads and SURGE Cymbals. You can even mount some acoustic drums, cymbals, and percussion instruments on this roadworthy system.

DM10 Drum Module

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about the DM10. It’s the most advanced drum module we have ever made, and in its design, we made a few breakthroughs.

The DM10 has a new sound set with over 1,000 sounds – 128MB of uncompressed samples. These are natural samples of real studio drums, cymbals, percussion instruments, and electronic sounds. We actually went out and sampled of today’s hottest drums and cymbals. We set up dozens of toms and kicks, a huge palette of snares, and stacks upon stacks of crashes, hi-hats, rides, and effect cymbals.

When you play the DM10 Pro Kit, you’ll notice that each sound is actually a series of different samples. Multiple dynamic-level samples and articulations are all built in so as you play harder and softer, the drum or cymbal changes its timbre, not just its volume. This engineered realism is known as Dynamic Articulation™, an Alesis exclusive.

The DM10 module has an incredible set of sounds onboard, but we also designed a way to keep the its sounds fresh and cutting edge – or as vintage as you like. The DM10 is the world's first drum module that enables you to load entire new sound sets from your Mac or PC via USB. We are working with a number of developers including FXpansion, maker of BFD, to create DM10 sound sets with all kinds of sounds for all kinds of styles.

The DM10 has 100 Preset and 100 User kits, and you can overwrite and restore all of them. You can layer two sounds for performance effects. Have you ever wanted to mix your kick sound with an electronic kick sound? Or your snare sound with a clap? It’s as easy as a few button presses with the DM10.

One of the ways many drummers use drum modules today is as a practice tool and we didn’t ignore that with the DM10. The DM10 has an internal sequencer with play-along tracks and patterns. It gives you the ability to create your own sequences, and record your performance and play it back for critical listening sessions. show screen with metronome And there’s a powerful metronome with flexible meters and subdivision markers for developing your steady internal beat. Want to play along with your iPod or other music player? It’s a piece of cake with the DM10’s stereo Aux input.

Tracking in the studio is a breeze with the DM10 Pro Kit. The USB jack isn’t only for loading new sound sets; it also sends out MIDI information, so you can easily track audio, MIDI, or both into drum-module software such as BFD, Toontrack, or Reason. Perform now, and edit your sounds later!

The DM10 has a top-panel mixer so you can physically grab a fader and instantly make volume changes without digging into the edit pages. The mixer’s settings are global so if you change kits, the levels you’ve set are applied that kit.

Want to expand your kit? The DM10 has you covered with 12 trigger inputs, many of which can be split with a standard Y-cable (1/4” TRS to two 1/4” TS). show DM10 rear panel inputs The maximum setup gives you up 22 single-zone pads or triggers. And if that’s not enough, just add a Trigger|iO for up to 20 more pad and/or trigger inputs! If you’re a double-bass drum aficionado, you use a double pedal on the RealHead Kick Pad, or split the DM10’s kick output with a Y-cable and use two kick pads with single or double pedals. You can even assign different sounds to the two kick inputs!

The DM10 Pro Kit smashes boundaries. If you’ve ever wanted a truly professional electronic drum set, the DM10 Pro Kit was designed for you. This kit was created with drummers in mind. There’s no need to change your technique. There’s no need to sacrifice your expectations of how natural an electronic kit can sound. There’s no need to break out the toolbox just to move a tom pad. This is the DM10 Pro Kit.

BFD is a trademark of FXpansion Audio UK Ltd. Toontrack is a registered trademark of Toontrack. Reason is a trademark of Propellerhead Software AB. iPod is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.