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Become a better drummer.

If youíve ever practiced with one of those old school practice pads, you know it can be a pretty uninspiring experience. You have to imagine the sound of the drums. Thatís why we built the E-Practice Pad. It uses the same electronic percussion technology found in our drums like the DM6 Kit and DM10 Pro Kit that enables you to practice on a traditional-feeling drum pad, but with 65 great sounds that respond just like a drum!

The E-Practice Pad has a wide range of dynamic sensitivity so you can practice expressive musicality including etudes and excerpts. Itís just like playing on a snare drum, but without making any noise.


If you have traditional drum pad, you know that one of the best ways to improve your playing and develop steady time is practicing with a metronome. Thatís one more thing to carry around and make sure you have batteries for. With the E-Practice Pad, the metronome is built in! Plus, instead of being stuck with just one or two sounds, the E-Practice Pad give you the choice of six different metronome sounds and you can set it up to give you quarter notes or virtually any other subdivision such as either notes or half notes. And you can set almost any downbeat to practice different time signatures with a steady reminder of where the ďoneĒ is.


The E-Practice Pad also has 50 practice exercises and learning games that help you develop your drumming skills.

Beat Check compares your playing with the metronome and tells you whether you are ahead or behind the beat. You can use this exercise to work on playing with perfect time or develop your ability to consistently play behind or on top of the beat for different musical feels.

Stroke Balance monitors whether your hands play evenly and lets you know if not.

Record and Playback enables you to easily record your performance and then listen back and evaluate your playing. This is extremely valuable for listening to your phrasing and musicality.

Gradual Up / Down helps improve your stamina and timing by gradually increasing the tempo of a rhythmic figure and then decreasing it to the original tempo.

Timer is a built-in countdown function so you can practice without watching the clock. Just set it and forget it!


The E-Practice Pad is a great practice tool because it works standalone. All you need is a pair of sticks and your favorite headphones. But for even more performance options, you can choose to mount the E-Practice Pad on virtually any cymbal or snare stand. You can then use it as an electronic drum pad with any drum set or percussion setup thanks to its variety of 65 sounds.

And it doesnít stop there Ė you can practice multi-limb parts by adding optional hi-hat and kick pedals and a hi-hat cymbal pad. With these expansions, you can play kick, snare, and open and closed hi-hat parts!

As you can see, the E-Practice Pad gives you all the utility and fun of an electronic drum set, a metronome, a rhythm coach, and a recorder, all in a convenient, portable, virtually silent practice pad. Learn your rudiments and have fun doing it!

For more details, please visit the main E-Practice Pad page.

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