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Product Spotlight - iMultiMix 16 USB

Versatile, Capable Mixer and Recorder

There are a lot of mixers out there. They all take a bunch of different audio signals and enable you to mix and route them. Most of them give you the ability to EQ and maybe add some effects, but basically a mixer is a mixer, right? Meet the iMultiMix 16 USB.

This advanced, compact mixer packs 16 channels of professional audio inputs, 100 studio effects, iPod playback and recording, playback and recording for your Mac or PC, and Steinberg Cubase LE and Ableton Live Lite recording and sequencing software into an affordable package.

Mix And Record To iPod

Looking at the iMultiMix 16 USB, perhaps the first part that sticks out is the built-in iPod dock. Look a little closer and youíll notice that this is a fully integrated section of the mixer. It has its own dedicated control wheel, transport controls, backlight, and mixing and bussing. What does that mean for your mixes? You can play back from your iPod as though itís a stereo input source, or you can record your mix right into your iPodÖ or both at the same time!

Audio you play back from your iPod is at CD-quality 16-bit, 44.1 kHz stereo, and recording to your iPod is at the same resolution.

Connect the iMultiMix 16 USB to your Mac or PC with a USB cable and it can even function as a Universal Dock for iPod so you can sync your iPod with iTunes and charge your iPod.

USB: Not Just For Docking

While the USB port on the iMultiMix 16 USB is great for working with your iPod, you can also use it on its own as a built-in digital audio interface. Just like using your iPod, you can record your mix to your computer in 16-bit, 44.1 kHz stereo and play back CD-quality sound on the main mix buss.

The USB digital audio interface works plug and play with Mac and PC so you donít need to worry about installing drivers to make it work.

Complete Range of Professional Inputs

Perhaps the most important part of any mixer is its inputs. On that front, the iMultiMix 16 USB is our most capable mixer. Letís take a tour through the input section.

You can connect up to eight XLR microphones with the iMultiMix 16 USBís eight XLR -microphone inputs. Each channel has a gain trim and a high quality, discrete-design preamplifier. Each mic channel also has switchable 48V phantom power so you can use professional condenser microphones.

Next up are 16 line-level 1/4" inputs for mono sources such as keyboards, drum machines, synths, direct guitars and basses, or almost anything else with a 1/4Ē jack. Channels one through eight as configured as mono, while nine and 10, 11 and 12, 13 and 14, and 15 and 16 are stereo channels. And if you want to plug in your high-impedance guitar right into the board, the iMultiMix 16 USB has two channels of high-impedance 1/4" inputs.

Finally, the iMultiMix 16 USB rounds out the input section with its two-track RCA Tape input, which you can assign to the main mix, control-room mix, neither, or both. This fixed-level input can be useful for connecting another iPod, DAT, or other consumer audio device.

Full Compliment of Outputs

Inputs arenít all that useful if you donít have good output capability. The iMultiMix 16 USB doesnít disappoint. Starting with the essentials, the mixer has a pair of 1/4Ē Main outputs and a stereo, 1/4" TRS headphone out for monitoring. On top of those, the iMultiMix 16 USB gives you a separate Control Room 1/4" stereo pair for monitoring or secondary output systems, a two-track RCA stereo pair for analog recording, and a S/PDIF stereo, 16-bit, 44.1 kHz digital for recording CD-quality audio directly into digital recorders.

Metering is a breeze with iMultiMix 16 USB. It has a multi-color, assignable LED tree for instant visual level analysis, global signal and clip LEDs for the effects section, and a peak LED on each mic input.

Processing and Routing

So now youíve got all your sources hooked up, your outputs and recording system and covered. Youíve even integrated your iPod and computer. Now, letís refine your audio with a little processing.

Of course the basics are covered, such as three-channel EQ per channel at 80 Hz, 2.5 kHz, and 12 kHz. These EQs are high and low shelving, mid-band pass or reject so you can really dial in exactly the sound you need.

The mic inputs each get a switchable high-pass filter at 75 Hz so you can cut handling and wind noise from your microphone signals. Each channel has a balance/pan control for stereo control, and the entire mix gets a switchable limiter so you wonít have to worry about clipping.

You can add any of an amazing 100 studio grade, 28Ėbit digital Alesis effects including reverbs, ambient effects, choruses, flangers, delays, pitch, and multi-effects with the built-in DSP effects unit.

Every channel also has assignable, stereo aux sends and returns with pre and post-mix channel, and global controls enable you to apply the effects buss to the entire mix. You can add any external effects you like.

Alesis Software Suite


Recording to your computer with the iMultiMix 16 USB is clean, easy, and powerful. And itís made even more comprehensive because it comes with the Alesis Software Suite.

Steinberg Cubase LE is among the top-selling digital audio workstation (DAW) software applications on the market. Itís perfect for tracking and editing all kinds of audio. Ableton Live Lite is industry-standard production and performance music software used by traditional and not-to-traditional musicians to create innovative music live and in the studio.

More Than a Mixer

The iMultiMix 16 USB is, at its heart, a powerful compact mixer complete with all of the I/O, processing and functionality that youíd expect from the professional mixer. But the iMultiMix 16 USB elevates the mixer with its built-in dock for iPod, USB digital audio interface, and software suite. If you can imagine an audio application and you have an iMultiMix 16 USB, youíre most likely ready to go. Learn even more about the iMultiMix 16 USB and its little brother, the iMultiMix 8 USB by visiting their main pages.