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Product Spotlight


Almost everyone has an iPod. Itís the worldís most common music device because itís easy to use, can store all your music, looks great, and comes in a wide variety of prices. An iPod puts your music in the palm of your hand, which is really convenient for practicing your instrument because you can play along with tracks. Itís also great for performance because you can purchase or make backing tracks and perform with your iPod as a backing band.


But the problem for musicians has always been how to integrate the iPod into a professional music setup. iPods have 1/8Ē stereo headphone outputs that donít interface well with PA and recording systems because of the adapters and splitters needed, each of which introduces noise, signal loss, and distortion. They also can be tricky to mount securely. You can use a typical dock, but thereís still no security and limited stability. How do you mount an iPod dock on a drum set or mic stand?


We decided that there had to be a better way to incorporate an iPod into musicianís practicing and playing routines, so we developed JamDock. The JamDock is the cleanest way to integrate your iPod into your practice or live music setup. You can connect and mix in any instrument including electronic drums and guitars, and send your mix to the stereo 1/4Ē and headphone outputs.


Because the JamDock is a Universal Dock for iPod, it uses the docking connector for excellent signal fidelity, greatly reducing or eliminating signal loss and noise introduction.

The JamDock works with most docking models including iPod 3G, 4G, 5G; iPod Classic 6G, 7G; iPod nano 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G (nano-chromatic); and iPod Touch 1G, and 2G.


The JamDock has two 1/4" inputs that work with line-level sources like electronic drums, keyboards, and mixers, and high-impedence inputs from instruments like electric guitar and bass. You can plug in a stereo instrument, a single mono instrument, which automatically sums to mono so you hear it on both sides of your headphones, or even two mono instruments, so guitar teachers can use it with their students in lesson settings. Once you connect your instrument to the JamDock, you can mix its level with the iPodís level and get exactly the balance you like.


You can use JamDock on a flat surface such as a guitar amp or table, or mount it on a drum rack, stand, or mic stand using the Alesis e-percussion Module Mount, which is sold separately.


The JamDock also comes with a trial subscription for 10 free drumless songs from for fun play-along sessions. There are tons of CDs, downloads, and other sources for tracks that have been recorded without your instrument available.

Practice and perform with the only dock for iPod designed specifically for musicians. For more information on the JamDock, be sure to visit its main page.

iPod is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.