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Bigger isn’t always better. When it comes to desktop and mobile recording or mixing, space and weight are pretty important factors. Whether you are building a desktop music or video studio, setting up to podcast, recording voice-overs, or tracking overdubs, the MultiMix 4 USB is the perfect way to connect professional audio sources and microphones without sacrificing a lot of space.

Little Buddy

This professional four-channel mixer easily fits into virtually any workspace at just six inches across. Despite its diminutive size, the MultiMix 4 USB delivers professional mixing and interfacing capabilities that will help you make the connections you need.

Thanks to its small size, you can place the MultiMix 4 USB exactly where you want it, so it’s perfect for use at your desk, in your office, or even for integrating into live instrumental setups and recording sessions.

Connect Up

You’ll find the MultiMix 4 USB has a complete collection of audio inputs optimized for all kinds of equipment. Each of its four channels accepts a basic, line-level signal on its own 1/4” TS jack. Channels one and two add XLR inputs with adjustable gain trims and discrete preamplifiers for connecting professional microphones, and you can switch channel one’s 1/4” jack to high-impedance mode and directly connect a guitar of bass!

On the output side, the MultiMix 4 USB has a stereo pair of 1/4” TS main outputs for connecting to your monitoring system, and a stereo 1/4” TRS jack for headphones or secondary monitoring systems.

Processing And Routing

The MultiMix 4 USB’s input channels are configured as individual channels on one and two, and a stereo pair on channels three and four. Each has a level and pan control so you can adjust the left-right balance for each input. If you are working with condenser microphones, you can switch on 48V phantom power to supply the necessary power.

If you’re working outside, in a studio with air conditioning, or have structure-borne noise to deal with, channels one and two have switchable high-pass filters. This can help you deal with wind or stand noise being picked up by microphones. You can also shape the audio characteristics of the microphones or other sources connected to channels one and two thanks to high and low-shelving equalizers at 80Hz and 10kHz, respectively. You can boost or cut by 15dB to perfect the sonic signature.

The MultiMix 4 USB gives you independent controls for the main and headphone outputs and a tri-color, stereo LED ladder for visually metering your mix.

USB Bonus

In addition to being a full-featured analog mixer, the MultiMix 4 USB is the latest in our line of USB mixers, each of which contains a complete USB audio interface. You can connect the mixer plug-and-play to your Mac or PC and track directly into your DAW or other audio software and play audio from the computer to your monitors. This MultiMix 4 USB’s interface captures incoming audio at CD-quality, 16-bit, 44.1 kHz and outputs it over USB as a stereo signal.

All In The Family

The MultiMix 4 USB is the latest addition to a full range of MultiMix mixer models. We have mixers that span four to 16 channels, in desktop and rack-mount types, with built-in effects, and advanced features such as a built-in Universal Dock for iPod for recording and playback to and from iPod. MultiMix models are also available with built-in USB (stereo) USB 2.0 (multi-channel), and FireWire audio interfaces. Check out the entire range of MultiMix mixers.

With its compact size, straightforward approach to mixing, and built-in USB computer interface, the MultiMix 4 USB just might become your studio’s go-to device. You’ll be impressed with just how many ways it can come in handy! Learn all about it at its main page.