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Apple's iPod makes it possible to take your music anywhere you go. Now, Alesis enables you to record directly onto your iPod, anywhere you go, with the ProTrack.
The ProTrack is ideal for the concertgoer who wants to capture the performance, for the musician who records performances, rehearsals, or ideas for new songs; or for anyone who needs to record personal memos, interviews, lectures, or meetings. The ProTrack combines trustworthy recording technology with convenience, simplicity, and portability.
Power in the palm of your hand

Weighing a mere eight ounces and measuring only 7 1/4" long, the ProTrack gives you a variety of recording options in the palm of your hand. This small device already has all the features you need to capture quality recordings, so you won't need to fiddle with cables, wires, or other cumbersome attachments.
The ProTrack's two built-in cardioid condenser microphones can capture 16-bit, 44.1 kHz recordings, and their XY configuration deliver optimal stereo imaging. If you want to use your own microphones, The ProTrack has two combination XLR-1/4" inputs and can supply them with 48V phantom power. You can also connect any line-level device to these inputs, such as the output from a mixer, sampler, or synthesizer.
The ProTrack’s recording and monitoring controls are simple, accurate, and effective.  Its tri-color LED level meter instantly indicates your audio levels, and you can easily adjust them with each channel's gain knob. If you’re recording a band and the loud drummer is making you worry about clipping, just switch on the limiter and you’re safe. Selecting stereo or mono recording is as easy as a flip of a switch on the side panel. And don't forget to connect your headphones to ProTrack's 1/8" stereo headphone output to monitor your recording or playback with adjustable volume control.
You can take the ProTrack with you to a lecture, gig, or band practice and record using four AAA batteries, an external battery pack, or plug into wall power using the included AC power adapter.

So how does the ProTrack work with your iPod? Just dock your iPod on the ProTrack and slide the protective cover over the top to protect and hold it in place. You're ready to record! An opening in the ProTrack's cover lets you use the iPod's navigation wheel, and the ProTrack's Menu and Enter buttons correspond to those buttons on the iPod.
When the ProTrack is plugged into an external power source, you can charge your docked iPod with the flip of a switch.
The ProTrack is compatible with:

  • 5th-generation iPod
  • 6th and 7th-generation iPod Classic
  • 2nd and 3rd-generation iPod nano
  • iPod nano-chromatic
  • 2nd-generation iPod Touch

For iPod Touch users, we recommend iProRecorder, a downloadable recording application for the iPod Touch from BIAS. An application like this enables you to take advantage of ProTrack's recording capabilities with the iPod Touch’s touch-sensitive technology.

Fabulous accessories  

For hands-free recording, the optional ProTrack Tripod enables you to use the ProTrack on any table or other flat surface. All you have to do is point and record.
If you already have a microphone stand,
the ProTrack Adapter provides an angle-adjustable connection to the stand’s 5/8" threaded mount.
For a complete recording package, get the ProTrack Mobile Recording Kit. This handheld recording studio includes the ProTrack, ProTrack Tripod, and the AM2 Stereo Microphone Set. The AM2 Stereo Mic Set includes two miniature, low profile condenser mics, a stereo mount, windscreens, clips, and a case. This kit is easy to transport, perfect for on-the-go recording, which is precisely what ProTrack was made for.

iProRecorder™ is a trademark of Berkley Integrated Audio Software, Inc.
iPod is a trademark of Apple Inc, registered in the U.S. and other countries.