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Product Spotlight - TapeLink USB

Everybody has them. Those tapes from the 80s and 90s are just sitting in your basement, begging to be played. They might have recording of your song ideas, or even full-fledged demos or even professional recordings. Or maybe you have recordings from your gigs including that best or biggest show you ever played. When was the last time you listened to those recordings? Can you even remember what they sounded like?

Alesis to the rescue.

We knew that lots of musicians were in this predicament with nothing to play tapes on. So we set out to bring an affordable cassette deck back to the musician’s toolbox. And in typical Alesis style, we developed it with more than you’d expect.

TapeLink USB isn’t just a dual-deck, dubbing cassette deck with noise reduction that plays all of your tapes. It’s also a cassette tape digital archiver. That means that you can play your tapes as is, or connect the TapeLink USB to your computer and turn those musical memories into digital audio. Once they’re on your computer, you can play them with iTunes or other music players, burn them onto CDs and listen in the car, or even load them onto your iPod or other portable music player. Imagine working out at the gym to your band’s set from June 9th, 1983!

Under the hood.

TapeLink USB is a dubbing and playback deck with digital-audio output via USB. It contains a plug-and-play USB-audio interface that requires no drivers for use with most Mac and Windows computers. Its CD-quality 16-bit, 44.1 kHz audio output accurately captures your tape recordings for secure digital archival.

TapeLink USB has regular and high-speed dubbing modes to save you time if you want to copy your music on tapes, and it works with metal and CrO2 tapes so it will play pretty much any tape you have. And if your tapes aren’t in the greatest shape, you won’t need to worry because TapeLink USB has full auto-stop so you won’t have to worry about your tapes breaking.

TapeLink USB has an LED level meter for visual-level reference when you’re recording and you can adjust the recording level with an easy-to-use knob.

Cutting through the static.

TapeLink USB has dynamic noise-reduction circuitry for mechanically reducing noise in your recordings. Just flip the switch and the tape deck goes to work cutting down the noise. But if you want to really improve the sound quality of your digital music, Alesis' software suite assists you in cleaning up those aging tapes.

•    BIAS SoundSoap™ SE – this noise-reduction software helps you removes hiss, room noise, rumble, electrical hum, and other background noise by “listening” to a section of the tape where there’s no music, and then compensating for the noise it “hears” so all you hear is the music.



•    EZ Tape Converter – this application is designed for straightforward transfer from tape to WAV or MP3. It makes transfer simple and convenient and it’s even iTunes compatible.

Easy to use.
Even if you’re not an experienced recording engineer, TapeLink was designed to make rediscovering your old recordings easy. It has a minimum of buttons, an easy USB connection for your Mac and PC, and its software suite is all designed for quick learning and a minimum of fuss. You probably won’t even have to read the manual.

In the news.

Since we announced the TapeLink USB in January, the media response has been tremendous. Blogs, reviews, other websites, and magazines have all been clamoring about this new tool. Check out the collection of coverage here.

Win one.

To say thanks for reading, we’re giving a TapeLink USB away this month! Win one here.

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