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Spotlight on the TransActive Live Portable PA System for iPod

Spotlight on the TransActive Live Portable PA System for iPod

Powerful sound reinforcement to go.

If you’re a solo performer, if you play stripped-down sets, smaller venues, or like to practice along with backing tracks, the TransActive Live is your perfect companion. You can think of the TransActive Live as a complete PA system with an iPod dock, all in an ultra-portable package that you can carry in one hand!


Generally speaking, a PA (public address) system can be a complicated, time-consuming mess of cables and multiple, heavy trips in and out. The TransActive series was designed to eliminate the typical problems small acts face by integrating the amplifier, mixer, and loudspeaker all in one.


The TransActive 50 has 50 watts of powerful sound. The TransActive Mobile was the first TransActive with a built-in iPod dock, enabling bands and other performers to play along with track on the iPod or use it to play music in between sets or acts. The TransActive Drummer was designed as a wedge monitor and practice amp for drummers and virtually any other instrumentalist.

The TransActive Live is the most portable TransActive, scaling down the size, but not the quality sound or features. Just like all of the other TransActive models, the Live has its own built-in amplifier for powerful output, a two-way speaker system for clear highs, and punchy lows, a mixer with a variety of inputs, and an iPod dock.


The TransActive Live is perfect for those gigs where a big PA just doesn’t make a lot of sense. If you play coffeehouses, the TransActive Live is for you. If you’re a singer-songwriter and just need a little sound reinforcement for your vocals and guitar, the TransActive Live is for you. If you play in an acoustic setting, the TransActive Live is for you. If you play in an acoustic duo or trio, the TransActive Live is for you.

There’s no need to drag in a bulky, heavy, complicated PA system with this compact box. The TransActive Live has a top-panel carry handle so you can grab it and go to and from the gig. And at just 20 pounds, it won’t weigh you down.

The TransActive Live gives you ample input connections right on the front panel. You to connect a mic with its combo XLR-1/4" input. Channel two is for 1/4” line level or guitar-direct input, and channel three is a pair of RCAs for drum machines or samplers, sequencers, CD players, and more. You can dock your iPod and use it as a backing track or for music in between sets using the dock right on top.


Hate being chained to the wall? Well the TransActive Live has a built-in rechargeable battery. You can play plugged into wall power or pull the plug and enjoy up to 12 hours of cordless sound. The TransActive Live even has a level indicator so you can easily see how much battery you have left.

Take your music more places with the TransActive Live. You'll save time and energy and spend more time making music! Learn more about the TransActive Live at its main page.
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