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Alesis knows drums. Our SR-16 has dominated the drum machine market since 1990 and continues to be in demand today. The next-generation SR18 is loaded with cutting-edge drumsets, electronic drums, one-shot hits, and modern percussion sounds for any cutting-edge musician’s performances and compositions.

From hip-hop to country and everything in between, SR18 nails it on the first take. SR18 has an effects engine with Alesis reverb, EQ, and compression so you can output recording or performance-ready sounds.

Alesis' exclusive Dynamic Articulation™ technology modifies sample sounds so they change as you play them. This results in sounds that respond accurately not only to dynamic changes, but also with the appropriate timbral and color changes you'd expect from their acoustic counterparts.

You can plug in an instrument, such as a guitar, and play along for setup simplicity. You can play in bass parts using the pads on SR18 or connect a MIDI keyboard for fast, musical low end.

SR18 can be powered by AC or batteries, so whenever or wherever you need to lay down a groove, you’re ready to roll. It’s time for you to step up to the next Alesis drum machine.
  • Large, 32MB sound set with percussion bank and bass synth
  • Over 500 drum and percussion sounds and 50 bass sounds
  • Built-in Alesis effects: reverbs, EQs, and compression
  • Pattern Play Mode enables different patterns to be triggered from the pads directly
  • Programmable Drum Roll function
  • 'Mute/Solo Function: mute drums, bass, and percussion
  • Flexible wall (adapter included) and battery powering (six AA, not included)
  • Backlit LCD
  • 100 preset patterns, 100 user locations
  • 12 velocity sensitive pads
  • Tap tempo for instant beats exactly as you want them
  • Sound set: 32MB, multi-sampled
  • Polyphony: 32 voices
  • Inputs: 1/4" instrument (guitar)
  • Outputs: 1/4" stereo pair, 1/4" TRS, 1/4" TRS stereo headphone
  • MIDI: in, out/thru
  • Footswitch: two inputs – start/stop, count/A/B/fill


  • SR18 drum machine
  • AC adapter
  • Quick start guide


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  • What kind of sounds are in SR18?

    SR18 has a fresh, modern sound set that we developed to give musicians an up-to-date sound palette of drums, cymbals, percussion instruments, and bass.
  • What can I connect to SR18?

    SR18 has a full compliment of inputs and outputs. You can connect a mic or instrument with the line input. There are master outputs and aux outs for connection to amplifiers or PA systems. Headphone output lets you program in privacy. MIDI in and out let you connect and interface with other MIDI-compliant gear, including connection of a keyboard for programming bass parts. A footswitch input enables remote start/stop or triggering of fills.
  • What is Pattern Play Mode?

    Pattern Play Mode enables different patterns to be triggered from each pad directly so you can customize your performance as it happens.
  • Does SR18 have effects?

    Yes: Genuine Alesis Reverb, Compression, and EQ are on each drum kit and are switchable.
  • How do I power my SR18?

    SR18 is designed for portable operation. It can run an average of five hours on batteries or the included AC adapter.
  • How do I program bass lines?

    There are two ways: you can use the pads directly, or connect a keyboard via MIDI. SR18 even responds to pitch-bend messages via MIDI.
  • How many parts can I program at once?

    The sequencer in SR18 is capable of one drum part, one percussion part, and one bass part at a time, and you can program different drum, percussion, and bass parts for Pattern A, A Fill, Pattern B, and B Fill sections in each pattern.
  • What can I connect to the line input?

    Any line-level audio source - keyboards, CD players, MP3 players. You can even plug in a guitar, but we would recommend adding a preamp in this case.
Live DocumentsType
Product Overviewhtml
Manuals & DocumentationSizeType
SR18 - Product Overview
681 KBpdf
SR18 - QuickStart Guide [RevC]
3 MBpdf
SR18 - Reference Manual [RevE]
3 MBpdf
SR18 - Preset Pattern & Sound List
383 KBpdf
SR16 & SR18 - Footswitch compatibility
What type of footswitches are compatible?
1 MBpdf
Software & DriversSizeType
SR18 - Firmware Update [v1.02]
Operating system update for the SR18. To install you will need a computer / MIDI interface and a SysEx program (MIDIOX for Windows or SysEx Librarian for Mac).
223 KBzip
SR18 - Presets for use with the USB Pro Drum Kit
This .zip file contains instructions and a MIDI sysex file to setup the SR18 Drum machine to work as an optimized sound module for the USB Pro Drum Kit.
51 KBzip

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