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USB Troubleshooting Tips


Below you will find some helpful pointers if you should run into any snags installing and configuring your Alesis USB-equipped device with a Mac or PC.

Did you know that all USB ports on personal computers are not created equal? Some ports are low-powered hubs and others still are low-speed 1.1 ports which do not provide enough power or speed to perform a task as demanding as streaming real-time audio or MIDI.  With that in mind, the first thing to try whenever an error or lack of performance is experienced with a USB audio or MIDI device, is to try a different USB port on the computer and restarting with device attached.


HINT: Front ports on desktop PCs and Macs are internal hubs.  It is highly recommended not to use front ports for audio devices.

If any errors are reported by your operating system or undesirable performance is experienced when device is attached, try these steps:

  1. USB Connectivity Issues - Try different USB ports on the computer, different USB cables, and restarting the computer with device attached.Avoid USB hubs. If you need to use a hub, make sure to use the hub for your low power devices such as mice and keyboards.
  2. USB Communication Issues & Conflicts - Rule out any extra USB peripherals such as webcams, hard drives, printers etc.  Sometimes devices such as these could restrict efficiency of the USB bus on your computer.  In rare cases, some devices could cause a conflict with other plug-n-play devices such as our Trigger IO interface.
  3. Windows Updates - Make sure your Windows operating system is fully up to date.  Microsoft released numerous updates to both XP and Vista, which offered critical fixes, including for USB peripherals.
  4. Logitech Camera Conflict - Under Windows, there is a known conflict with Logitech cameras that applies to all USB Audio and Midi devices that use the “USB Audio Codec”.  The easiest solution to this conflict is to uninstall the Logitech camera on the computer upon which you plan to use your USB-equipped gear.  For more information on this conflict as well as other advanced solutions, please contact Alesis Technical Support at 401-658-5760 or send an email to
  5. Missing USB Audio Codec Drivers in Windows – In rare cases, the USB Audio Codec drivers may be missing from your installation of Windows.  A repair installation of Windows should fix this.  Do not hesitate to call or email us if have questions about this.