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SURGE 13" Crash Cymbal

with Electronic Trigger
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The SURGE 13" Crash Cymbal is the world's first crash cymbal with built-in electronic triggering. Edge or shoulder crashes, riding on the face of the SURGE Crash, or any other technique feels the way you'd expect a cymbal to feel.

Made from genuine cymbal brass-alloy, SURGE Cymbals have centuries of cymbal craftsmanship in their DNA, cross-bred with Alesis' decades of experience in electronic triggering technology.

SURGE Cymbals are the world's most realistic-looking, accurately responding, and most importantly, natural-feeling cymbal triggers in the world. Not pads in any way, SURGE Cymbals are true brass cymbals at their core with exclusive clear sound dampening to cut the cymbals' acoustic sound.

SURGE Cymbals employ industry-standard piezo triggers, so they are easy to use with any existing electronic drumset, replacing those uninspiring hard black cymbal pads. Because they are cymbals, they mount on any cymbal stand so they are easy to integrate into both electronic and acoustic drum setups using any sound module or trigger-to-MIDI converter.

SURGE Cymbals are the only cymbals that integrate built-in electronic triggers with a custom brass alloy. They are the only choice for drummers who are serious about feel.

Also available: SURGE 12" Hi-Hat, SURGE 13" Crash with choke capability and SURGE 16" dual-zone Rides with and without choke capability

*Manufactured under license from U.S. patent 7,323,632. Other patents pending.
  • Genuine lathed, brass-alloy cymbal
  • Unique, patented design for maximum performance and acoustical sound reduction
  • Built-in piezo triggering for industry-wide compatibility
  • Incomparably realistic cymbal feel
  • Traditional cymbal design
  • True cymbal appearance
  • Mountable on standard cymbal stands
  • Includes cable for connection to module
  • Compatible with most drum modules. See compatibility guide for details.
  • Outputs: 1 TS, 1/4” (9’ cable included)
  • Zones: one
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  • Which modules can I use with SURGE Cymbals?

    SURGE Cymbals are compatible with many drum modules including those manufactured by Roland™, Yamaha™, Ddrum™, and, of course, Alesis. Refer to the Compatibility Guide under the “Docs & Downloads” tab of the SURGE Cymbals product page.
  • Can I use SURGE Cymbals to trigger other sounds?

    Yes. SURGE Cymbals can trigger sounds on any MIDI instrument using a “Trigger to MIDI” interface (such as the Alesis Trigger|iO module). Refer to your module’s or instrument’s documentation.
  • How do I mount the SURGE Cymbals?

    SURGE Cymbals are designed to be mounted on any standard cymbal stand or mounting arm.

    Note: When using a SURGE Ride Cymbal, you can NOT use a cymbal sleeve (an optional plastic sleeve around the mounting rod to prevent the cymbal from rubbing against it). The SURGE Ride Cymbal already has a built-in sleeve. Be sure to use felt washers when mounting it, though.

    Note: The SURGE Hi-Hat Cymbal is designed to be mounted on a fixed hi-hat arm stand – not a standard hi-hat stand with a pedal and clutch. These are manufactured by most drum hardware companies and are available from your favorite drum shop.
  • How do I open and close the SURGE Hi-Hat, since it is only one cymbal?

    The SURGE Hi-Hat cymbal is only the trigger. The foot controller is actually responsible for the difference between “open” and “closed” hi-hat sounds. We recommend the Alesis DM5 Pro Kit Expansion Hi-Hat Pedal. You can also use the Roland FD-7 or FD-8.
  • How do I set up my module for use with SURGE Cymbals?

    Refer to the Compatibility Guide under the “Docs & Downloads” tab of the SURGE Cymbals product page. You should also consult your module’s manual.
  • How do I use SURGE Cymbals’ dual-zone or triple-zone triggering?

    Not all SURGE Cymbals feature dual-zone triggering. The only ones that have dual-zone capability are:

    1) SURGE 13” Crash (only with certain modules)
    2) SURGE 13” Crash with Choke
    3) SURGE 16” Ride
    4) SURGE 16” Ride with Choke

    To use SURGE Cymbals as dual-zone triggers, you will have to set them up properly. This will involve using either a Y-cable or two standard TS cables, depending on whether the cymbal’s trigger housing has one or two jacks.

    With certain modules, the SURGE 16” Ride with Choke is triple-zone compatible.

    Please refer to the Compatibility Guide under the “Docs & Downloads” tab of the SURGE Cymbals product page.
  • How should I transport SURGE Cymbals?

    You should transport your cymbals in protected and padded cases. The use of hard, plastic “cymbal-safe” cases isn’t recommended, though, because you can not fasten more than a few SURGE Cymbals in the case before you run out of room (due to the trigger housing on the cymbals’ undersides).
  • How should I clean SURGE Cymbals?

    Use a damp wet cloth or a non-abrasive cymbal cleaner or cymbal polish on the top surface of the cymbal only.

    DO NOT USE CYMBAL CLEANER ON THE BOTTOM SURFACE. Instead, dampen a cloth with water to clean the surface or, in extreme cases, use a specialty plastics cleaner (such as the kind used for cleaning the glass on a boat.
  • My drum module isn’t listed on your Compatibility Guide on the “Docs & Downloads” page. Can I request it?

    If your module isn’t listed and you’d like to report the settings that work best for you, e-mail us at and we’ll try to include it in the next version of the manual.

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