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Professional USB Monitoring System with Built-In Audio Interface

Cumberland, R.I. (Dec. 4, 2007) - Alesis, the world’s leading manufacturer of professional audio equipment and studio electronics, introduces the M1 Active 320 USB speaker system, which combines premium USB audio playback and high-quality USB audio input for computers.

M1 Active 320 USB speakers bring Alesis speaker performance and easy USB connectivity to the computer desktop; the speakers enable users to play audio from and record audio to a computer by simply plugging the included USB cable into a computer. No special drivers are required.

The speakers are not only substantial audio monitors, but they also serve as a convenient audio interface. By connecting professional audio products directly into the line input jacks on the M1 Active 320 USB, keyboards, mic pre’s, guitar effects, DJ Mixers and other audio components such as CD and tape players can easily be recorded.

Full range, superb sound quality ensures accurate audio reproduction to check mixes. A Bass Boost switch helps emphasize bass frequencies, enabling users to tailor the speaker’s response to a wide variety of listening environments. The lightweight and portable design means the M1 Active 320 USB system can be placed into a handy carrying case and taken on the road.

M1 Active 320 USB speakers are the best way to bring studio-quality monitoring to the computer desktop. Features include:

•    USB 1.1 audio interface
•    16-Bit / 44.1-48 kHz recording and playback
•    Pro-grade 1/4” plugs and standard RCA jacks
•    TRS headphone output
•    Two 1/4" phone jack inputs
•    Stereo 1/8” TRS mini-jack input
•    Stereo RCA inputs
•    1/8” TS output to passive speaker
•    Switchable power supply
•    Magnetically shielded for safe placement near TV and computer monitors

M1 Active 320 USB speakers will be available Q2 - 2008 for an MSRP of $199 from musical instrument retailers worldwide.