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Desktop Recorder for Computers is First of Its Kind to Offer Pro Connectivity and Easy iPod Integration

Cumberland, RI – Jan. 16, 2007. Alesis, the world’s leading manufacturer of professional audio equipment and studio electronics, announces the Alesis MultiPort – A pro-grade USB computer audio interface with playback, control, and the ability to record directly to iPod.

Alesis MultiPort brings an all-new level of iPod recording to the computer desktop. MultiPort delivers professional-quality recording directly to an iPod, or computer. Synchronization with iTunes ensures that MultiPort is the only iPod dock needed on the desktop.

Alesis Product Manager Jim Norman stated, “People of all ages and backgrounds own iPods. Until MultiPort, there hasn’t been anything that delivers pro-grade inputs and a USB audio interface in a single, compact desktop design for iPod.”

Musicians, DJs, houses of worship, and corporations can make quick, easy use of MultiPort's built-in level meters, headphone monitoring and integrated iPod controls. MultiPort makes direct-to-iPod* or direct-to-computer recording possible without a tangled mess of wires and confusing software. Simply plug a microphone or musical instrument into MultiPort, then connect MultiPort to a computer with a single USB cable and the rest is easy. Included Cubase LE software handles recording and is perfect for musicians or vocalists to lay down multiple tracks on their computer for mix-down to an iPod. MultiPort also supports Windows UPnP and Apple Core Audio, making it compatible with virtually any audio software available for either platform.  

MultiPort also has industrial-grade, balanced inputs, 1/4" stereo outputs, and phantom power for easy use with professional or consumer microphones. All of these features packed into a compact, functional form-factor make MultiPort the perfect iPod companion from the control room to the boardroom.

MultiPort features include:

•    *Record directly to iPod (Classic or 5th generation) and iPod nano (2nd or 3rd generation)
•    Record directly to computer via USB
•    Works with all docking iPod models when used through iTunes
•    Playback from iPod while recording at the same time
•    Mic/Line inputs for crystal-clear recording of any source
•    Level meters for easy-to-read level monitoring

Alesis MultiPort will be available Q2 - 2008 from musical instrument retailers.