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Alesis at Winter NAMM 2010

Check out the entire new line of gear just introduced!

Alesis was the center of attention again at Winter NAMM!

Winter NAMM is the biggest music industry event in the U.S. and the place for the latest product announcements and news from Alesis. Here's a look at what we introduced at the show:

Seen first as part of the DM10 Pro Kit, this groundbreaking drum module has the electronic drum world abuzz. It features a premium, uncompressed, multi-sampled sound set with more than 1,000 sounds and is the first drum module that enables you to load new sound sets via USB. In addition to the DM10 Pro Kit and DM10 Studio Kit, the DM10 is now available on its own. Get the full scoop from the DM10 page.

The six-piece DM10 Studio Kit builds on the successful DM10 Pro Kit, bringing its incredible sounds, natural feel and customizability to even more drummers. Based around the critically acclaimed DM10 drum module, the DM10 Studio Kit features Alesisí RealHead drum pads, DMPad Cymbals and StealthRack mounting system. Learn more here.

Meet the USB Studio Drum Kit, a MIDI controller for triggering software, that looks and feels like a drum set. The true touch of RealHead dual-zone pads and DMPad Cymbals creates an acoustic-feeling drumming experience thatís perfect for tracking in studios. Imagine laying down a killer groove and then changing the sounds later! Learn more here.

his pocket-sized field recorder tracks up to 24-bit wavs in stereo or four-mic omni. Record directly to an SD or SDHC card up to 16GB, anywhere and anytime. The PalmTrack is perfect for recording quality sound in a wide variety of settings from rehearsals, jam sessions, and gigs to conferences, lectures, and classes to interviews and meetings. Read more here.

The MultiMix 6 USB is a six-channel desktop mixer designed for easy integration into a computer-based recording environment. This compact mixer is perfect for use in recording setups, video editing and production studios. Learn more about the MultiMix 6 USB

The Q49 is a 49-note keyboard controller that is perfect for virtually all music software and MIDI hardware devices. This USB/MIDI and traditional MIDI controller provides keyboard players with a full compliment of controls and comes with Ableton Live Lite software for recording and producing music. Get all the details here.

The VideoTrack is the first Alesis video and audio field recorder. Its tiny size makes the VideoTrack easy to grab and go, and it captures incredible picture and stereo sound thanks to DSP image processing and built-in condenser mics. Record video and audio right onto a standard SD or SDHC card and upload it straight to Facebook or YouTube!

Connecting a turntable for recording can be a drag if you don't have the right mixer. PhonoLink is our new AudioLink series cable that simplifies recording vinyl tapes, or even the outputs from your mixer straight to your DAW or production software. The PhonoLink has phono/line-switchable RCA inputs with a level trim and a standard USB connection. Get the rest of the info here.

Below, we have assembled some of the best pictures from the show.