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MultiMix 2.0 Mac Drivers - Special Note

Special Note for MultiMix USB 2.0 Mixer users on Mac:


Due to the super-low-latency operation of the Alesis USB 2.0 audio driver, Mac users might experience glitching or dropouts if they open various applications while the mixer is playing or recording audio. Therefore, minimize any opening and closing of applications when engaging in critical recording or playback.  
Additionally, in Audio MIDI Setup, select "Alesis USB Audio Device" for both default inputs and outputs, but switch "System Output" to "Built-in Audio."  This will further minimize interference.

The Alesis USB 2.0 audio driver is not compatible with Soundflower.

When using NuVJ software, select "Built-in Audio" in Audio MIDI Setup before launching NuVJ. After launching NuVJ, you can select the Alesis USB 2.0 driver in Audio MIDI Setup.