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DM10 Trigger Update

It Keeps Getting Better
If you want to optimize your DM10 Studio Kit you can grab an all-new Trigger Settings Update below. We based this update on user feedback and continued fine-tuning done in our very own Alesis test labs. The update below will adjust the sensitivity, threshold and crosstalk of each pad on your DM10 Studio Kit, providing increased accuracy and tighter response. Got a DM10 Pro Kit or Studio Kit? Grab the update now!


Improved Performance for Your DM10

This DM10 Trigger Settings Update improves overall performance of the DM10 Studio Kit. It increases sensitivity, reduces the possibility of crosstalk, and enhances system stability. This update represents Alesis’ suggested optimized settings and acts as an updated “factory default”. If you’ve owned your DM10 Kit for sometime and have dialed in your own settings, you may prefer to forgo this update to keep your DM10 Kit tuned to your specifications.

Additional Updates and Documents
Additional documents and updates are available for your Alesis DM10-based drum kit including Quickstart guides, Sound ROM updates and more. Just click on the piece of gear you have below and you'll to be taken to the full download page for that product: