Download Vyzex Vortex

Make the most of your Alesis Vortex or Vortex Wireless with the free Vyzex Vortex patch editor software. Clear, concise, and easy to use, this point-and-click patch editor software brings quick and precise programming to your Vortex patches. With Vyzex Vortex running on your Mac or PC, use the mouse and/or keyboard to quickly configure any parameter of any patch on your Alesis Vortex. Save and load all of your Vortex patches to and from your hard drive for easy backup. The Vyzex Vortex patch editor software allows both beginning and advanced MIDI users to easily achieve the full potential of their Alesis Vortex keytar.

Note: A firmware update is needed for the original white Alesis Vortex before you can use the Vyzex Vortex software. This is available in the Docs & Downloads section of This firmware update is not needed if you are using the black Vortex Wireless. If you are using the patch editor with Vortex Wireless, the Vortex Wireless needs to be connected to your computer via USB cable to edit your patches.

Please CLICK HERE to register your Vortex or Vortex Wireless. You will find your free download in your MY PRODUCTS page upon registration.