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Fusion 8HD

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As its name suggests, the Fusion 8HD workstation fuses the best elements of sampling, synthesis, and hard disk recording in an all-in-one powerhouse workstation.

With the Fusion 8HD, Alesis has re-examined the concept of the professional music production workstation, making ease-of-use a top design priority. Featuring 4 types of synthesis; an 8-channel hard disk recorder; built-in user sampling; an effects processor; USB 2.0 connectivity; and expandable memory; the Fusion 8HD is professional workstation that can effortlessly handle your most demanding production tasks.
  • 88 note fully-weighted keyboard workstation
  • Four integrated synthesis types: Sample Playback, Virtual Analog, FM and Physical Modeling
  • Full synth workstation with 8 track 24-bit Hard Disk recording and 40Gb internal hard-drive
  • Comprehensive waveform editing, internal memory expandable from 64MB to 192MB
  • Save and load programs off of a hard disk (or the removable Compact Flash memory);
  • 32 Track MIDI sequencer built in with integrated multi-channel digital audio playback
  • Store all your sounds on the internal disk and always have your programs available to you
  • Onboard grand piano based on acclaimed "Holy Grail Piano," by Q Up Arts®
  • Storage options include built-in hard disk, USB 2.0, compact flash
  • Multi-channel input and output options in both analog and digital (S/PDIF and ADAT Lightpipe)
  • Large 240x128 backlit LCD display
  • Fully assignable buttons and 360° knobs for hands�on control of synth parameters (or control of external gear through MIDI)
  • Fully programmable arpeggiator with standard, phrase and drum machine playback
  • Import and convert WAVE files (.wav), AIFF files (.aif and .aiff), Akai S�1000/3000, SoundFonts (.sf2) files using the Alesis Fusion Converter™ application.
  • Disk Drive:  40 GB
  • # of Keys:  88
  • # of Sequencer Tracks/PPQN:  32-track MIDI
  • Sequencer/Memory (Notes):  64 MB expand to 192
  • # of Outputs/Type:  Sample; ver. analog; FM; physical
Live DocumentsType
Product Overviewhtml
Manuals & DocumentationSizeType
Fusion Tutorial Pack
This zip file includes 6 PDF tutorials for the Fusion series.
  • Using the Sequencer
  • Intro to Analog Synthesis
  • Editing Analog Synth Programs
  • Intro to Sampling
  • Editing Sample Programs
  • Recording & Editing Multitrack
3 MBzip
Fusion - QuickStart Guide
7 MBpdf
Fusion - Reference Manual
2 MBpdf
Fusion - Manual Addendum
133 KBpdf
Fusion - Program List
20 KBpdf
Fusion - Mix List
11 KBpdf
Software & DriversSizeType
Fusion OS Image File v1.24
This is the Operating System for the Fusion series.
58 MBzip
Fusion 1.20 Data List
76 KBzip
Hollow Sun Fusion Sound Pack: Volume 1
16 MBzip
Hollow Sun Fusion Sound Pack: Volume 2
17 MBzip
Hollow Sun Fusion Sound Pack: Volume 3
20 MBzip
Hollow Sun Fusion Sound Pack: Volume 4
6 MBzip
Hollow Sun Fusion Sound Pack: Volume 5
6 MBzip
Hollow Sun Fusion Sound Pack: Volume 6
17 MBzip
Hollow Sun Fusion Sound Pack: Volume 7
16 MBzip
Hollow Sun Fusion Sound Pack: Volume 8
17 MBzip
Hollow Sun Fusion Sound Pack: Volume 9
11 MBzip
Hollow Sun Fusion Sound Pack: Volume 10
18 MBzip
Hollow Sun Fusion Sound Bundle: Volumes 1-5
The first 5 Hollow Sun packs for the Fusion series bundled into one zip file for convenience.
65 MBzip
Fusion Preset 5 HD Bank
16 MBzip
Fusion Converter™ for PC [v1.1]
Fusion Convertor™ is an application which imports various file formats into your Alesis Fusion™ workstation. It also offers Bank Management, allowing you to organize your Banks, Programs, and Samples on your computer, and supports computer archiving of Volumes for organizational access.

Fusion Convertor™ supports the following import formats:
  • WAVE files (.wav)
  • AIFF files (.aif and .aiff)
  • Akai S-1000/3000 CD’s
  • SoundFonts (.sf2)
  • Akai S-5000/Z-Series Programs (.akp)
7 MBzip
Fusion Converter™ for MAC [v1.1]

4 MBsit
Sampleheads Sound Kit
This drum kit features drum samples from the Sampleheads New York Drum works drum library. Note the natural sounding drums, many of which are in stereo.
Almost every drum in the kit has a 4-way velocity cross-switch samples assigned. This is a great kit for users that want a studio quality kit with lots of subtlety.
6 MBzip
Fusion - Klaus Schulze Soundset
Contains custom programs and arpeggiations created by Klause Schultz for the Fusion. Sound set descriptions in the enclosed PDF are in German.

Please use the "HD Volume Install Help (includes Hollow Sun)" for instructions on how to install the sounds onto your Fusion's hard drive.
692 KBzip

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