VIP - Everything you need to know about Plugin Maps

Included with the VIP software are over 400 Plugin Maps for most VST Instruments (VSTi) on the market today. Plugin Maps give you automatic factory preset importing, automatic category tagging, and automatic controller mapping. Which Plugin Maps are inclu

What plugins can I use with the VIP Software?

The VIP (Virtual Instrument Player) software included with your Akai Pro Advance series, M-Audio CTRL49, and Alesis VX49 controllers gives you immediate access to any virtual instrument in your collection. Virtually any VST Instrument (VSTi) and effect wi

VIP - How to Customize Category Tags

With the Virtual Instrument Player (VIP) software application, your entire VST library is controlled by one application. This article walks through how to customize and adjust category tags associated with individual plugin presets.

VIP - Frequently Asked Questions

With the VIP (Virtual Instrument Player) software application, your entire VST library is controlled by one application. Included with the Akai Pro Advance, Alesis VX49, and M-Audio CTRL49, VIP puts automatic plugin control at your fingertips. The includ

Alesis V Series - Adjusting The Velocity Curve Of The Keys Using The V Series Editor

The Alesis V series keyboard and pad controllers are ultra-compact controllers designed for the traveling musician and the desktop producer. Since everyone creates differently, you may want to change the default velocity curve setting of the V series' ke

Alesis Core 1 - Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re recording via PC, MAC, or even iOS devices using a Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit, the Core 1 is prepared to capture your ideas in pristine 24-bit audio. Housed in durable sand-blasted aluminum, and equipped with a space-conscious combo

Alesis SamplePad Pro - Frequently Asked Questions

SamplePad Pro is the all-in-one percussion instrument that knows no bounds. It is everything you’re looking for in a pad-based instrument and more. This article walks through a number of Frequently Asked Questions abut the SamplePad Pro.

Alesis iO Mix - Frequently Asked Questions

The Alesis iO Mix is more than just a mixer. It is a four-channel audio interface that delivers safe and secure iPad integration. Together, your iPad and iO MIX serve up a totally integrated recording studio that can accompany you down the street—or aro


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