TransActive Drummer Wireless - Frequently Asked Questions

Created for today?s electronic drummers, the TransActive Drummer Wireless is the perfect companion to your Alesis ?or any?electronic drum set. The addition of wireless Bluetooth audio reception provides an ideal way for playing along to your favorite song

Alesis Vortex Wireless - Frequently Asked Questions

It's time to experience unprecedented keytar performance with the Alesis Vortex Wireless. The Vortex Wireless eliminates the barrier between you and your audience by giving you the freedom to move around the stage and take the lead without being connected

Alesis Vortex - Your Top Questions Answered

The Alesis Vortex is only keytar with a built in accelerometer. In this guide, we'll take you though some common setup and customization steps, and answer your top questions.

Alesis SR-16 - Saving and Sending SysEx Data

This guide will walk you through loading MIDI SysEx data to or from your Alesis SR-16 using your computer. This can be useful if you need to save your kits, patterns, or songs; or if you want to load patterns you have downloaded on the internet.

Alesis SR-16 Video Manual

The two-part SR-16 Video Manual is a detailed seminar covering all functions and features of this classic drum machine. It also provides a walkthrough of pattern recording and song construction. Hosted by by Craig Anderton, featuring Steve Smythe.

Alesis Q25, Q49 and Q61 - Popular Questions Answered

We've put together answers to some of the most common questions about the Alesis Q25, Q49, and Q61 MIDI controllers. We've included Program Changes, MSB & LSB, and assigning sliders. With these tips under your belt, you'll have even better control over

Alesis SamplePad - FAQ and Troubleshooting

In this article, we answer some frequently asked questions about the Alesis SampePad. We also cover basic troubleshooting, including sample file formats, and memory management.

Alesis QX series - Controller Presets for Ableton Live

To make it even easier to integrate into your setup, Alesis created MIDI mapping files that - when added to your computer - allow for immediate mapped control over many aspects of Ableton Live without being forced to create a preset of your own. To add t


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