Alesis Strike Pro - Audio/Midi Routing an Ableton Drum Rack

The stunning new Alesis Strike Pro kit shatters all your pre-conceived notions about electronic drums. This article will walk you through step by step on how to route this module on an Ableton drum rack, allowing you to use Ableton's sound library or your own! This is a great tool if you're using your Strike kit in a recording or live environment. Make recording drums from an acoustic to electronic kit more seamless!

macOS Mojave 10.14 and iOS 12 Support for Alesis Products

As Apple unveils its newest operating system, it's time to decide if your system is ready for an update. To help you stay updated, we've tested our products with the latest pre-release versions of macOS Mojave 10.14 and iOS 12 prior to their release.

Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit - Assembly Guide Video Walkthrough

Did you buy the Alesis Nitro Kit? Do you need help putting it together? Well, have we got a video for you!

Alesis Command Mesh Kit - Frequently Asked Questions

The Command Mesh Kit features all mesh-head pads that deliver an authentic drumming experience. The included Command Advanced Drum Module features play-along tracks and a built-in performance recorder, you'll have an endless source of fun and creativity. All of this mounts to a premium 4-post chrome rack with non-slip clamps, providing a durable foundation that is easy to set up and move. This article answers some of the frequently asked questions about the Alesis Command Mesh Kit.

Alesis Strike Firmware v1.4 - Download and Installation Guide

The Alesis Strike firmware update v1.4 adds all-new performance features, including direct to SD recording, faster kit loading, brand new sample content, and an even further improved hi-hat response. This article will cover how to download and install the update, and answer some popular questions about the new features.

Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit - Frequently Asked Questions

The Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit is a powerful eight-piece, all mesh, electronic drum kit that comes with the Nitro drum module. The Nitro Mesh kit is the perfect choice for any electronic percussionist in any style, whether you’re just starting out, or looking to upgrade to a higher-quality kit with a professional module. This article answers some popular questions about the included features and the functionality of the Alesis Nitro Mesh kit.

Alesis Strike Pro Kit - How to Restore or Reset the Factory Default Settings

The stunning new Alesis Strike Pro kit shatters all your pre-conceived notions about electronic drums. It combines the feel and familiarity of acoustic drums combined with the versatility and capability of the best electronic drums. These are the perfect drums to move beyond the limitations of a conventional acoustic set, without giving anything up. This guide will instruct and walk you through how to perform a factory reset and how to restore your module to the factory default settings.

Alesis Surge Mesh Kit - Frequently Asked Questions

The Surge Mesh Kit is a complete 8-piece electronic drum kit that includes everything a drummer needs to play like a pro. Not only do the mesh heads deliver unmatched response and playability, the compact size means the Surge Mesh Kit goes where larger kits can’t. This article answers popular questions about the features and functionality of the Alesis Surge Mesh kit.


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