VIP - Everything you need to know about Plugin Maps

Included with the VIP software are over 400 Plugin Maps for most VST Instruments (VSTi) on the market today. Plugin Maps give you automatic factory preset importing, automatic category tagging, and automatic controller mapping. 

Keep in mind that you do not need a Plugin Map in order to use your favorite VSTi with VIP. You can easily manage and import maps for your own VST instrument plugins, import and add presets, and customize your tags.  You can find a video walk through here.


What is a Plugin Map?

A Plugin Map gives you automatic factory preset importing, automatic category tagging, and automatic controller mapping

  1. Automatic Factory Preset Importing

    The VIP software automatically imports all of the built-in factory presets from your favorite VST instrument (VSTi) directly into the VIP software for instantaneous access.

    You can also easily and quickly import all of your own User Presets. Here is a video walk through.
  2. Automatic Category Tagging

    The VIP software automatically assigns Category Tags to all of your VST Instrument (VSTi) presets that have been imported.  This allows for the ability to find the specific sounds you want without the need to scroll through all of the individual VST instruments and their presets.

    Every factory preset is automatically tagged according to the type of sound it produces, such as Instrument Type, Timbre, Style, and Articulation.

    You can also easily add and delete tags as you see fit, create new category tag names, and assign any tag(s) to your imported user presets without limitation. Here is a walk through.
  3. Automatic Controller Mapping

    The VIP software automatically maps the most popular parameters of your favorite VSTi right to the hardware controls on your Akai Pro Advance, Alesis VX49, or M-Audio CTRL49, providing instant real-time control over all the patches in all of your plugins.


Which Plugin Maps are included?

VIP includes Plugin Maps for the following VST instruments (VSTi):

Developer Plugin
4Front Bass Module
AIR Hybrid
AIR Strike
AIR Structure
AIR VacuumPro
AIR Transfuser
AIR Velvet
AIR The Riser
AIR Loom
AIR Xpand!2
Andreas Ersson ersdrums
Angular Momentum Retronix
Angular Momentum Table Synth
Angular Momentum Analog Warfare 3
Angular Momentum AMVST Unifyer 2
Angular Momentum AMVST ClapLab
Angular Momentum Freehand Free
Angular Momentum KarBass
Angular Momentum KickLab XL
Angular Momentum TB-30X
Angular Momentum Wavedraw Free
Applied Acoustic Systems Lounge Lizard
Applied Acoustic Systems Ultra Analog VA-2
Applied Acoustic Systems Chromaphone
Applied Acoustic Systems AAS Player - Swatches
Applied Acoustic Systems String Studio VS-1
Applied Acoustic Systems Strum Acoustic GS-1
Applied Acoustic Systems Strum Electric GS-1
Applied Acoustic Systems Tassman 4.1
Applied Acoustic Systems AAS Player
Arald FX DKS Pro
Archetype Kontakt Bundle Beatdown
Archetype Kontakt Bundle Clone
Archetype Kontakt Bundle Evilfish 303
Archetype Kontakt Bundle Hatchet
Archetype Kontakt Bundle Pulsator
Archetype Kontakt Bundle Rogue-One
Archetype Kontakt Bundle Sickness
Archetype Kontakt Bundle Whoosh Machine
Arturia Mini V
Arturia Mini V2
Arturia Prophet V2
Arturia Modular V
Arturia Modular V2
Arturia CS-80 V2 (10-voice)
Arturia Oberheim SEM V
Arturia CS-80V
Arturia Jupiter-8V2
Arturia Wurlitzer V
Arturia ARP 2600 V
Arturia Spark 2
Arturia Analog Lab
Arturia Solina V
Arturia Vox V
Arturia Matrix-12 V
Arturia Spark Vintage Drum Machines
Arturia Mini V2
Arturia Mini V 64
Arturia Mini V2 64
Arturia Modular V2
Atom Splitter Audio Pulsation
Audio Damage Phosphor
Audio Damage Tattoo
Audio Realism ReDominator
Audio Realism ABL 2 Pro
Audio Realism ABL Pro
Audio Realism ADM
Audjoo Helix
Big Tick Audio Software EP-Station
BlauKraut Engineering Charlatan
Cable Guys Curve 2
Cakelwalk Z3TA+ 2
Camel Audio Alchemy
D16 Nepheton
D16 Phoscyon
D16 Nithonat
D16 Drumazon
D16 LuSH-101
DatSounds OBXD
disco DSP Corona
disco DSP Discovery Pro
disco DSP Discovery
DmitrySches Diversion
E Instruments Session Keys Grand Y
E Instruments Session Keys Grand S
E-Phonic Drumatic4
East West Play
East West Play - EW 56 Srat
East West Play - EW Adrenaline
East West Play - EW BT Breakz
East West Play - EW Twisted Textures
East West Play - EW Drum n Bass
East West Play - EW Electronica
East West Play - EW Fab Four
East West Play - EW Funky Ass Loops
East West Play - EW Ghostwriter
East West Play - EW Goliath
East West Play - EW Guitar and Bass
East West Play - EW Gypsy
East West Play - EW Hollywood Brass Gold
East West Play - EW Hollywood Orchestral Percussion Gold
East West Play - EW Hollywood Orchestral Woodwinds Gold
East West Play - EW Hollywood Strings Gold
East West Play - EW Hypnotica
East West Play - EW Ill Jointz
East West Play - EW Joey Kramer Drums
East West Play - EW Ministry Of Rock
East West Play - EW Ministry Of Rock 2
East West Play - EW Percussive Adventures 1
East West Play - EW Percussive Adventures 2
East West Play - EW Phat and Phunky
East West Play - EW Pianos Gold
East West Play - EW ProDrummer Joe Chiccarelli
East West Play - EW ProDrummer Spike Stent
East West Play - EW Public Enemy
East West Play - EW Ra
East West Play - EW Scoring Tools
East West Play - EW Silk
East West Play - EW Smoov Grooves
East West Play - EW Solo Violin
East West Play - EW Steve Stevens Guitar
East West Play - EW Stormdrum 1 Loops
East West Play - EW Stormdrum 1 MultiSamples
East West Play - EW Stormdrum 2
East West Play - EW Stormdrum 3
East West Play - EW Symphonic Adventures
East West Play - EW Symphonic Choirs Gold
East West Play - EW Symphonic Orchestra Gold Complete
East West Play - EW The Dark Side
East West Play - EW Voice of Passion
ExperimentalScene ES DGenR8
Expert Sleepers Minky Starshine
FabFilter Twin 2
FabFilter Fab Filter One
Full Bucket Music MonoFury
Future Audio Workshop (FAW) Circle
FXpansion Fusor
FXpansion Cypher
FXpansion Orca
FXpansion Strobe
FXpansion Amber
FXpansion BFD3
FXpansion BFD3 Eco
FXpansion Tremor
g200kg Kamiooka
GForce impOSCar2
GForce Oddity
GForce Oddity 2
GForce Minimonsta
HERCs Music Systems HERCs Abakos
Ichiro Toda Synth1
IK Multimedia SampleTank 3
IK Multimedia SampleTron
IK Multimedia Sonik Synth 2
IK Multimedia SampleMoog
ILIADIS Euthymia Electronic Organ V2
ILIADIS iVF Combo Organ
Image-Line Poizone 2
Image-Line Toxic Biohazard
Image-Line Morphine
Image-Line Sakura
Image-Line Sytrus
Image-Line Sawer
Image-Line Slicex
Image-Line Drumaxx
Image-Line Ogun
Image-Line Harmor
Image-Line Harmless
Image-Line DrumSynth Live
iZotope, Inc. IRIS
iZotope, Inc. BreakTweaker
iZotope, Inc. IRIS 2
Korg M1
Korg M1 LE
Korg Mono/Poly
Korg Polysix
Korg Wavestation
Korg MS-20
krakli EffEm
kv331audio SynthMaster 2.6
LennarDigital Sylenth1
LinPlug Spectral
LinPlug SaxLab 2
LinPlug CrX4
LinPlug Organ 3
LinPlug Alpha Free
LinPlug Octopus
LinPlug Alpha
LinPlug MorphoX
LinPlug Element P
Lithium Sound RastaBox
Madrona Labs Kaivo
Madrona Labs Aalto
Melda Production MPowerSynth
milch & honig acidrack
Minimal System Twisted Energy
Minimal System Analogue Mini
Modarti Pianoteq 5 STAGE
Modartt Pianoteq 5
Modartt Pianoteq 4
Native Instruments Komplete 11 - Una Corda
Native Instruments Kontakt5 - Berlin Concert Grand
Native Instruments Kontakt5 - Abbey Road 80s Drummer
Native Instruments Kontakt5 - Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass
Native Instruments Kontakt5 - Scarbee Vintage Keys
Native Instruments Massive
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Kontour
Native Instruments Kontakt5 - Scarbee MM-Bass Amped
Native Instruments Kontakt5 - Session Horns Pro
Native Instruments Kontakt5 - Vienna Concert Grand
Native Instruments Kontakt5 - George Duke Soul Treasures
Native Instruments Kontakt5 - Action Strings
Native Instruments Kontakt5 - Evolve
Native Instruments Kontakt5 - Evolve Mutations 2
Native Instruments Kontakt5 - Scarbee MM-Bass
Native Instruments Kontakt5 - Abbey Road 60s Drummer
Native Instruments Kontakt5 - Abbey Road 70s Drummer
Native Instruments Kontakt5 - Discovery Series Balinese Gamelan
Native Instruments Kontakt5 - Studio Drummer
Native Instruments Kontakt5 - Upright Piano
Native Instruments FM8
Native Instruments Kontakt5 - Kontakt Factory Library
Native Instruments Kontakt5 - Retro Maschines Mk2
Native Instruments Kontakt5 - Scarbee Jay-Bass
Native Instruments Kontakt5 - Abbey Road Vintage Drummer
Native Instruments Kontakt5 - New York Concert Grand
Native Instruments Kontakt5 - Vintage Organs
Native Instruments Kontakt5 - Alicias Keys
Native Instruments Kontakt5 - Damage
Native Instruments Battery 4
Native Instruments Kontakt5 - Session Strings Pro
Native Instruments Kontakt 5 Player
Native Instruments Absynth 5
Native Instruments Kontakt5 - The Giant
Native Instruments Kontakt5 - Abbey Road Modern Drummer
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Polyplex
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Razor
Native Instruments Reaktor 5
Native Instruments Reaktor Player
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Rounds
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Monark
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Prism
Native Instruments Kontakt5 - Abbey Road 50s Drummer
Native Instruments Kontakt5 - Balinese Gamelan
Native Instruments Kontakt5 - Cuban Discovery Series
Native Instruments Kontakt5 - Drum Lab
Native Instruments Kontakt5 - Maschine Drum Selection
Native Instruments Kontakt5 - Kinetic Metal
Native Instruments Kontakt5 - Rise & Hit
Native Instruments Kontakt5 Player - Factory Selection
Native Instruments Kontakt5 - West Africa Discovery Series
Native Instruments Kontakt5 - Session Horns Pro
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - 2-Osc
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Aerobic
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Akkord
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Beat Slicer 2
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Blue Matrix
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Carbon
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - EquinoxeDeluxe
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - FM4
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - FM4 Dual
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Gaugear
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Atmotion 1.3
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Go Box
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Grainstates SP
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Green Matrix
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Grobian 1.3
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Junatik
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Kaleidon
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - L3
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Lazerbass
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Limelite 1.3
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Massive 1.1
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Massive
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Memory Drum 2
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Metaphysical Function
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Randomstepshifter
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Nanowave
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Newscool
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Oki Computer 2
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Photone 1.3
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Skrewell
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Rhythmaker 1.3
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Snapper Demo
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Scanner XT
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Scenario
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Sine Beats 2
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Sound School Analog
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Space Drone
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Spark
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Splitter 1.2
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Splitter
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Steam Pipe
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Sub Harmonic
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Sum Synth
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Titan 1.3
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Travelizer
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Vectory
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Vierring
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Wave Weaver
Native Instruments Kontakt 5 (stereo)
Native Instruments Reaktor5 - Carbon 2
Native Instrumnets Kontakt 4 (stereo)
Ohm Force Symptohm
Phuturetone Phutura
Plogue Chipsounds
Plogue Chipspeech
Plugin Boutique VirtualCZ
QuikQuak Glass Viper
reFX Nexus Factory
reFX Nexus
Reveal Sound Spire
Rob Papen Blade
Rob Papen BLUE
Rob Papen Predator
Rob Papen Punch
Rob Papen Punch Multi
Rob Papen RG
Rob Papen SubBoomBass
Sam Chip 32
SampleLogic Kontakt5 - SampleLogicImpakt
SampleLogic Kontakt5 - SampleLogicMorphestraGenerations
SampleLogic Kontakt5 - SampleLogicRumble
SampleLogic Kontakt5 - SampleLogicSynergy
SampleLogic Kontakt5 - SampleLogicXosphere
SampleLogic Kontakt5 - SampleLogicHavoc
SampleLogic Kontakt5 - SampleLogicFanfare
SampleLogic Kontakt5 - SampleLogicCycloneRetwisted
SampleLogic Kontakt5 - SampleLogicCinematicKeys
SampleLogic Kontakt5 - SampleLogicAssault
SampleLogic Kontakt5 - SampleLogicArpology
SampleLogic Kontakt5 - SampleLogicAIRExpanded
Slate Digital SSD Sampler
Sonic Academy A.N.A.
Sonic Charge Synplant
Sonic Charge Microtonic
SONiVOX Soundstage
SONiVOX Big Bang 2
SONiVOX Big Bang Drums 2
SONiVOX DVIAcousticGuitar2
SONiVOX DVIAfroCubanPerc
SONiVOX DVIBrightElectricGuitar
SONiVOX DVIClassicBass
SONiVOX DVIClassicElectricGuitar
SONiVOX DVICreamyFuzzGuitar
SONiVOX DVIDynAcousticBass
SONiVOX DVIElectronica
SONiVOX DVIFenderStratocaster
SONiVOX DVIFenderTelecaster
SONiVOX DVIHarmonica
SONiVOX DVIHarpsichord
SONiVOX DVIHeavyPickBass
SONiVOX DVIMartinAcoustic
SONiVOX DVIMellotron
SONiVOX DVINylonGuitar
SONiVOX DVIRick12String
SONiVOX DVISessionBrush
SONiVOX DVISessionDrums
SONiVOX DVISessionDrums2
SONiVOX DVISpectorSlapBass
SONiVOX DVISuitcaseEPiano
SONiVOX DVISynthBasses
SONiVOX DVITalkboxGuitar
SONiVOX DVITalkboxPhrases
SONiVOX DVITaylorAcoustic
SONiVOX DVIVintageGuild
SONiVOX DVIWurlitzer
SONiVOX DVIYamCustomDrums
SONiVOX EightyEight 2
SONiVOX Orch Comp Brass
SONiVOX Orch Comp Strings
SONiVOX Orch Comp Woodwinds
SONiVOX PlayaAggro
SONiVOX PlayaStrings
SONiVOX TonyColemanDrums
SONiVOX Twist 2
SONiVOX Wobble 2
SONiVOX Reggaeton
Spectrasonics Atmosphere Library
Spectrasonics Omnisphere
Spectrasonics Trillian
Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2
Spitfire Kontakt5 - eDNA Earth Library
Spitfire Kontakt5 - Loegria library
Steinberg VB-1
Steinberg Neon
Steinberg Model-E
Sugarbytes Unique
Sugarbytes Cyclop
Superwave Superwave P8
Synthogy Ivory II
Togu Audio Line Bassline
Togu Audio Line BassLine-101
Togu Audio Line U-No-LX-V2
Togu Audio Line Elek7ro II
Togu Audio Line Noisemaker
Togu Audio Line U-No-62
Tone2 Nemesis
Tone2 Rayblaster
Tone2 ElektraX2
Tone2 Saurus
Tone2 Gladiator
Tone2 Filterbank 3
Tone2 Firebird
ToonTrack EZDrummer
u-he Zebralette
u-he Zebra2
u-he Diva
u-he Bazille
u-he Podolski
u-he Tyrell Nexus 6
u-he ACE
u-he FilterscapeVA
u-he Hive
unknown (freeware) Juno 6
Vienna Symphonic Library Special Edition Complete Bundle
VST4Free Transcendental 2000
Waldorf Largo
Waldorf PPG Wave 2.V
Waldorf PPG Wave 3.V
Way Out Ware TimewARP 2600
Xfer Records Nerve
XILS-lab PolyKB II
XILS-lab Synthix
XLN Audio Addictive Keys
XLN Audio Addictive Drums
XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2


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