Windows 10 Support for Alesis Products

Many products are compatible with Windows 10 and there are no known issues with any Alesis items.  Below is a list of our current products and their compatibility with Microsoft Windows 10.

Note: Newly released operating systems always carry a risk of introducing unforeseen difficulties.  If your projects are time-sensitive, we recommend staying with your current operating system for the time being. 

Microsoft Windows 10 Compatibility (last updated 12/10/2015)
Model Name Hardware/Driver
AcousticLink Supported
Cadenza In Testing
Coda Supported
Coda Pro Supported
Controlhub Supported
DM Dock In Testing
DM Lite Supported
DM10 Supported
DM6 Supported
DM7x Supported
DM8 Supported
GuitarLink Supported
GuitarLink Plus Supported
iO Dock Supported
iO Dock II Supported
iO Hub Supported
iO2 (non express version) In Testing
iO2 Express Supported
iO4 Supported
LineLink Supported
M1 Active 320 USB Supported
M1 Active 520 USB Supported
MicLink Supported
MultiMix 16 USB FX Supported
MultiMix 4 USB (non FX version) Supported
MultiMix 4 USB FX Supported
MultiMix 8 USB FX Supported
MultiMix 8 USB 2.0 Supported
PhonoLink Supported
Q25 Supported
Q49 Supported
Q61 Supported
Q88 Supported
QX25 Supported
QX49 Supported
QX61 Supported
SamplePad Pro Supported
SampleRack Supported
Trigger iO Supported
USB-MIDI Cable In Testing
V25 Supported
V49 Supported
V61 Supported
VI25 Supported
VI49 Supported
VI61 Supported
Vortex Supported
Vortex Wireless Supported

*Legacy products not listed here are not tested on Windows 10.  While legacy products may indeed work as expected, they are not officially supported.

Further Technical Support

For any further questions or technical support, please visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: online community support, phone support, email support.