Alesis Crimson Mesh Kit - Setup with Ableton Live Lite

CrimsonModule Ortho RGBThe Alesis Crimson Mesh Kit is a flexible, powerful, and affordable five piece electronic drum kit with mesh heads and the Crimson Advance Drum Module. This tutorial walks through setting up a Crimson Mesh drum module to work as a MIDI controller in Ableton Live Lite 



Ableton Live Lite Setup
  1. Connect the Crimson Mesh module to your computer using a USB cable and turn it on

    CrimsonM FullSizeRender

    :  Crimson Mesh module is class-compliant which means that it will work with any modern Mac or PC without the need to download any software or drivers.
  2. Open Ableton Live Lite.
  3. Choose Live > Preferences (Mac) or Options > Preferences (Windows).

    CrimsonM setup Ableton01
  4. In the window that opens, select the MIDI/Sync tab. For both Input and Output choose Alesis Crimson MIDI Interface.

    CrimsonM setup Ableton

  5. Turn Track and Remote on for Alesis Crimson Port Input.

    CrimsonM setup Ableton1
  6. Check and adjust your latency slider in Preferences under the Audio tab if you notice an echo or lag in the trigger response, then close the menu.
  7. Under CATEGORIES, select the Drums and choice the kit you want to use.

    CrimsonM setup Ableton2

    Note: If you do select the Drum Rack, you are allow to bring your own sample into the open slot. For more information, go to this link: How to use Drum Rack in Ableton
  8. Each drum sound chosen is assigned to a certain MIDI note and pad in Ableton. You can find each note assignment in the Drum Kit Pad located at the bottom of your screen in Ableton. Take note of all the sounds that make up your kit and what their MIDI note is. You can use these MIDI Learn (located on the top right of the Ableton software) to map out your Crimson Mesh drum kit.

    CrimsonM setup Ableton3

    CrimsonM setup Ableton4?


Enjoy using your Crimson Mesh Kit with Ableton Live Lite!

Further Technical Support

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