How to redeem 3 free months of Skoove Premium

Redeeming Skoove is fast and easy! Just register your product on the Alesis website, click the Skoove link in your account, and get ready for 3-months of premium piano education!

Alesis Strike Multipad | How to send Program Changes from Ableton

Are you running backing tracks from your Ableton live set and would like the Strike Multipad to change its presets along with your songs? Look no further! This video guide shows you how to enable your Strike Multipad to receive program change messages and how to send them from Ableton. Let's get started!

Alesis V, VI & Vortex Series - Setup with Pro Tools | First

The Alesis V, VI & Vortex Series keyboards are powerful, intuitive, and portable MIDI controllers that let you take full command of your music software. We have partnered with Avid to offer the world-renowned Pro Tools | First software bundle of virtual instruments and effects! This article walks through how to set up your Alesis controller with the industry-standard Pro Tools | First music software.

iLok Universe | Managing your Activations with the iLok License Manager

Is this your first time activating a license with the iLok License Manager? Not to worry! This video walks you through the process of making your iLok ID, installing the iLok License Manager and redeeming the license key for your software. This process can be used with AIR, SONiVOX, Mixmeister, Akai MPC 2.0 and any other software that requires iLok for authorization. Using the iLok license manager is the best way to keep track of your licenses and the only way to authorize multiple computers. Let's get star

Alesis Strike Kit - Troubleshooting Trigger Response

In most cases, trigger problems with a strike kit are caused by misused trigger settings or physical setup. In this guide we'll show you how to determine if your trouble with trigger response is caused by the pad, the cable, or something else.

Alesis Strike Multipad - Product Overview and Tutorial Videos

Welcome to the Strike Multipad. A percussion pad like no other. In these videos, we'll go over how to navigate around the kit menus, browse through sounds, customize BPM, click, effects, and so much more.

Alesis Drums - How to Redeem 40 Free Bonus Lessons from Melodics

Did you know that you can register your Alesis drum kit and receive a promo code good for 40 FREE bonus lessons from Melodics, the world's best music tutor for contemporary musicians? Now you do! Follow these directions to redeem your free lessons today.

Alesis Strike Pro - Audio/Midi Routing an Ableton Drum Rack

The stunning new Alesis Strike Pro kit shatters all your pre-conceived notions about electronic drums. This article will walk you through step by step on how to route this module on an Ableton drum rack, allowing you to use Ableton's sound library or your own! This is a great tool if you're using your Strike kit in a recording or live environment. Make recording drums from an acoustic to electronic kit more seamless!

Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit - Assembly Guide Video Walkthrough

Did you buy the Alesis Nitro Kit? Do you need help putting it together? Well, have we got a video for you!

Alesis Strike Pro Kit - How to Restore or Reset the Factory Default Settings

The stunning new Alesis Strike Pro kit shatters all your pre-conceived notions about electronic drums. It combines the feel and familiarity of acoustic drums combined with the versatility and capability of the best electronic drums. These are the perfect drums to move beyond the limitations of a conventional acoustic set, without giving anything up. This guide will instruct and walk you through how to perform a factory reset and how to restore your module to the factory default settings.


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