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Alesis SamplePad - FAQ and Troubleshooting

In this article, we answer some frequently asked questions about the Alesis SampePad. We also cover basic troubleshooting, including sample file formats, and memory management.

Alesis QX series - Controller Presets for Ableton Live

To make it even easier to integrate into your setup, Alesis created MIDI mapping files that - when added to your computer - allow for immediate mapped control over many aspects of Ableton Live without being forced to create a preset of your own. To add t

Alesis QX Series MIDI Controllers - Controller Mapping in Logic Pro

This guide provides a walkthrough on how to map the knobs, sliders, and transport controls on the Alesis QX49 to controls in Apple's Logic Pro software. It also covers saving and loading a template of the mapping you create.

Gain Staging 101

Are you experiencing low recording level or hiss while recording? This guide will help you get better levels with lower noise.

Alesis Elevate 5 - Frequently Asked Questions

Alesis Elevate 5 studio speakers enable you to listen to mixes, masters and multimedia content with impressive clarity and warm, full sound. Built using technology adopted from Alesis’ award-winning Monitor One and M1Active professional studio monitors,

Alesis DM10 - Blue Jay Update: Assigning Instruments To Triggers

After updating your DM10 module and installing the Bluejay Sound Set, you may notice that some of the drum triggers that had been working prior to the installing, are no longer triggering any sound. However there is no need to fret. This may be due to the

Alesis DM10 - How to Change and Store Individual Instrument Levels

The DM10 Module allows the user to customize each kit to fit the playing style of each drummer using the kit. One edit that can be made is the level of each individual instrument in a kit. In order to change the levels to each individual instrument on the

Alesis DM10 - How to Back Up the Settings

This article walks you through how to back up the DM10 module settings, in case you ever need to do a factory reset. For this tutorial we will be using Bome's SendSX for Windows and SNoize's MIDI Monitor for Macintosh.

Alesis DM10 - Setup with Ableton Live Lite 8

One of the greatest features on the Alesis DM10 drum module is the convenient USB connection, allowing you to trigger your favorite DAW or virtual instruments on your computer right from the DM10 kit. This tutorial walks through setting up a DM10 drum mo

Alesis DM10 - Setup Guide

Like any new kit - be it electronic or otherwise - a few small adjustments is all that is needed in order for the DM10 kit to be up, running, and ready to rock. While there are lots of other fine-tuning options available that you may become familiar with


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