November 20, 2017


Firmware update propels responsiveness and playability to new heights while adding exclusive new samples, so drummers can personalize their sound on the world’s most advanced electronic drums.

Cumberland, RI USA (November 20, 2017)—Alesis (, the world’s leading manufacturer of electronic instruments and components for today’s musicians, today announced that they have released the v1.3 firmware update for their standard-setting family of Strike electronic drum kits. Alesis Strike drums are the first-ever electronic kits to deliver the very best of both acoustic drums and electronic drums in terms of feel, playability, looks, sound quality and control, enabling drummers to move beyond the limitations of a conventional acoustic set and raise their creative impact to a higher level.

The new Strike v1.3 firmware update delivers a dramatic increase in the responsiveness and playability to the Strike kits. There is a new hi-hat calibration that automatically adjusts to the playing style of the individual drummer, and the expanded FX section features a compressor and new EQ designed specifically to enable the player’s sound to cut through even the densest mixes and still be clearly heard.

However, the most exciting and impressive aspect of the v1.3 firmware update is unquestionably the new on-board kit comprised of a full range of today’s most sought-after and essential drum and cymbal sounds, all recorded with meticulous precision and lifelike accuracy at the legendary Power Station New England recording studio. This impressive collection is made up of the following brand-new samples:


  • DW Edge 6x13
  • Taye Studio Maple 6.5x14 w/ wood hoops


  • DW Collectors Maple 9x10
  • DW Collectors Maple 12x14
  • DW Collectors Maple 13x16 Floor

Kick Drums:

  • DW Collectors Maple 16x18
  • Tama Star Series Maple 18x22

Ride Cymbal:

  • Sabian 21” Prototype Ride

Crash Cymbals:

  • Sabian 17” Legacy Crash
  • Sabian 19” Legacy Crash


  • Meinl 14” Byzance Sand Hats


  • Sabian AAX 15” Fast crash (on top)
  • Wuhan 18” sizzle china (on bottom)

“At Alesis Drums, we’re locked in to the needs and wants of our drumming community. The new hi-hat calibration that accommodates the individual player’s style will be a huge hit,” said Tim Root, Global Director of Drums & Percussion for Alesis Drums. “But even more exciting are the new drum and cymbal sounds we recorded at Power Station New England. There’s nowhere like Power Station for capturing the life and energy of the music. And you’ll only get these sounds on the Alesis Strike kit. We are pumped!”

The new v1.3 firmware and Power Station NE expansion kit can be found on the Strike or Strike Pro Downloads pages at

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