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Blue Jay Studios Drum Sound Library

Sound library for DM10

Modify your DM10's sonic palette.

These drums sound amazing. Recorded at the famous Blue Jay Recording Studios near Boston, all drums and all cymbals are stereo, un-looped, and multi-sampled (multiple samples from soft to loud hits). Even the snares are sampled at multiple places on the drum. This attention to detail is guaranteed to give you the most realistic, most playable drum sounds ever. Whether practicing, recording or performing, DM10 drummers can access dozens of drumsets with rich ambience and brilliant timbres.*

Dynamic Articulation™

Like other Alesis sound libraries, SONiVOX Blue Jay Studios Drums feature Dynamic Articulation™ technology, which enables Alesis’ multi-samples to change their timbre in concert with dynamic shifts. For example, light playing and hard hitting produce different degrees of head and shell sounds on drums, and stick versus wash on cymbals.

Blue Jay Studios

This is where Carly Simon, Alice Cooper, Joni Mitchell, Amy Grant, Boston, and many other great musicians have recorded and mixed their records. And this is where the Blue Jay sounds were captured by renowned engineer, Mark Tanzer (NRBQ, Carly Simon, Patty Larkin, Jerry Marotta, Livingston Taylor, Lyle Mays and others) and his arsenal of world-class gear to get the best, cleanest, punchiest recordings possible. Taking full advantage of Blue Jay’s excellent wood, stone and glass recording rooms, SONiVOX recorded natural, small-ambient and large-ambient versions of first-call session drums.

*Installing the Blue Jay Studios Drum Sound Library will override and replace your existing DM10 sound library. The original DM10 sound library can be reinstalled at anytime by going here.

All information is preliminary and subject to change.


  • Replaces your DM10 drum sound library with new kit sounds
  • Works with DM10, DM10 Studio Kit and DM10 Pro Kit
  • Installs via USB from your computer