WWW.ALESIS.COMOctober 9, 2015

CF1 Combo Pedal Board

This product has been discontinued

The Alesis Combo Pedal Board features two foot switches and one expression pedal in an all-metal chassis with a non-skid footpad and feet.

When used with Alesis WildFire amps, the expression pedal allows realtime control of parameters like volume, wah, or distortion. The Combo Pedal BoardÂ’s dual foot switches allow up/down scrolling through 80 presets. The switches can also be pressed simultaneously to activate the guitar tuner, and held down to mute output.

In addition, the Combo Pedal Board is compatible with amplifiers and keyboards from many other manufacturers.

All information is preliminary and subject to change.


This product has been discontinued Two multi-function footswitches
  • Scroll up and down through Alesis WildFire presets
  • Activiate guitar tuner in WildFire amps
  • Mute output while tuning in WildFire amps
Expression pedal
  • Continuous control of volume, wah, distortion, etc.
Flexible use
  • Works seamlessly with Alesis WildFire guitar amplifiers
  • Compatible with instrument amplifiers and keyboards from many manufacturers
Rugged and compact design
  • All-metal chassis
  • Non-skid footpad and feet
Permanently attached 4-meter cables
  • Prevents cable loss
  • Allows faster setup