MultiMix 6 Cue

6-Channel Headphone Amplifier and Mixer


Get your mix.

The Right Mix

Hearing the right mix can make all the difference; if an instrument or vocal is too loud or too soft it can really stifle your creativity or make a great track fall flat. That's where Multimix 6 Cue comes in.

MultiMix 6 Cue is a universal, multi-purpose mixer and headphone amplifier for rehearsal, studio, or stage. Perfect for headphones, in-ear monitors, or personal monitor mixing, MulitMix 6 Cue features six independent high-power stereo amplifiers in one compact rack unit that delivers maximum audio quality, even at very high or very low volume levels; MultiMix 6 Cue has a minimized circuitry path which means there's less "stuff" for your signal to pass through, keeping your sound clear and crisp.

Room for 18

On the rear panel you'll find two additional 1/4" outputs per channel, so you have the capability to send six different mixes to up to 18 sets of headphones or monitors for powerful, precise listening. The rear panel also features stereo inputs and outputs so you can connect several MultiMix 6 Cue units together for even greater capacity.

A Mix for Everybody

MultiMix 6 Cue's front panel gives you a 1/4" headphone jack per channel, each with level and balance controls. Its main section provides a detailed, eight-segment LED meter, a master level knob, and a 1/4" Direct-in which gives you the flexibility to mix in an additional source on-the-spot with all channels.

MultiMix 6 Cue's front-facing stereo 1/4" Aux inputs on each channel let you mix in any instrument or sound source, such as a click track or loop software. If you've ever had musicians complain about not being able to hear themselves (who hasn't?) - then this is your solution. Each Aux input has a blend knob directly above, allowing you to create a custom blend between the musician's instrument and the rest of the mix that only that individual musician will hear. Each channel also features a four-LED output meter so you can view levels quickly. Run each channel in Stereo or Mono modes. In Mono mode, Left and Right Mute switches enable you to create additional mixes.

Get all the levels right, all the musicians happy and get on with the music using MultiMix 6 Cue.


  • Professional headphone amplifier system for stage and studio applications
  • 6-channel stereo headphone amplifier
  • Six independent high-power amps in compact, 1RU size
  • Six independent input/mix sections – your own mix!
  • Maximum audio quality even at low level
  • Three headphone outputs per channel
  • 4-segment LED tree for visual metering
  • Stereo Aux Input for “more me” mixing or click/loop monitoring
  • Additional Direct Input on front panel
  • Can be daisy chained for expansion
  • Mono and Left/Right Mutes per channel for two mono mixes per channel
  • Servo-balanced, gold-plated XLR and 1/4" TRS connectors for optimal quality
  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure durability


  • MultiMix 6 Cue headphone amplifier
  • Power cable
  • Quickstart Manual

Docs and Downloads

  • MultiMix 6 Cue - QuickStart Guide [revC]Open



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