RealHead 12” Dual-Zone Pad

12” Dual-Zone Drum Pad


The RealHead 12" Drum Pad is a velocity-sensitive electronic drum pad featuring a real mylar drumhead and a triple-flanged hoop for the most natural-feeling electronic drumming experience available. Its dual-zone sensing enables you to trigger different sounds from the head and the rim. The drumhead tension is adjustable using a standard drum key, and the head is also replaceable with a standard 12” drum head. The RealHead 12" Drum Pad works with virtually any electronic percussion device or module including the DM10, DM5, Trigger|iO, and ControlPad.


  • Velocity-sensitive drum pad with real mylar drumhead and triple-flanged hoop
  • Dual-zone sensing enables triggering sounds from the head and rim
  • Head tension can be adjusted with a standard drum key
  • Head is replaceable with any standard 12” drumhead
  • Works with virtually all e-percussion including DM10, DM5, Trigger|iO, and ControlPad


  • Drum pad

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