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SURGE Cymbals

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’ve played electronic drums before. Maybe they felt so natural that you forgot whether were playing acoustic or electronic drums. But, we’d wager that you’ve never played a cymbal pad that truly felt like an acoustic cymbal.

The reason some electronic drums can feel like acoustic drums is that they use the same materials: tension-adjustable drumheads, steel counterhoops, and other familiar components. The idea of an electric guitar with rubber strings made us cringe, and that’s the logic we applied to developing SURGE Cymbals.

Forget those uninspiring, black, rubber discs. SURGE is the genuine article. We start with true cymbal-brass alloy discs and lathe them for the flexible stick-on-metal feel you’re used to. Then we add a sound-dampening layer that dramatically cuts the cymbals’ acoustic noise. Finally, we mount customized piezo triggers to the underside in rugged, ABS housings so the electronics will withstand whatever even the most enthusiastic Keith Moon understudies dish out.

Taking acoustic realism one step further, we also developed models with giant choke strips on the underside. No guessing or aiming. Just grab the cymbal and the sound stops. We even have a dual-zone Ride so you can trigger bell and bow sounds from one cymbal.

SURGE Cymbals are compatible with most drum-sound modules including those manufactured by Roland™, Yamaha™, Ddrum™, and, of course, Alesis. SURGE Cymbals can also be used to trigger sounds on any MIDI instrument using a trigger-to-MIDI interface such as the Alesis Trigger|iO.

The cymbals can be mounted on nearly any cymbal stand using the usual cymbal-stand hardware — a wingnut, felt washers, a curved-metal washer, and a protective sleeve. We like flared-base sleeves, but you can also use separate cupped washer and sleeve combinations. You can also use Aquarian™ Cymbal Springs™ if you prefer their feel. We especially like them on SURGE Cymbals being used as chinas.

For complete instructions on configuring your sound module for optimal response with SURGE Cymbals, setup tips, and notes on cleaning and transport, check out our SURGE Cymbals Setup Guide.

SURGE Cymbals’ simple mounting and acoustic-cymbal appearance makes them easy to integrate into your electronic or acoustic setup using clamp-on cymbal arms or full cymbal stands. Only need a splash for one song in the set? Don’t want to carry around wind chimes to your next gig so you can use them once? Add a SURGE 13” Crash Cymbal to your setup. Need a Terry Bozzio-esque dry china for one song, and then a 40-inch orchestral gong for the end of the show? Dial it up with SURGE Cymbals and leave the gigantic gong mallet at home.

Click here to learn more about SURGE Cymbals.