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Recognized by audio engineers for their accuracy and sound transparency, Alesis studio monitors let you hear your mixes like never before. By balancing performance and value, and delivering superb sonic clarity, your mixes will sound pristine, clear, and accurate. Variety in our monitor line offers the right monitors for any listening situation and wide frequency response ranges handle any genre of music production.
Alpha 112

Alpha 112 [Learn More]

1000 Watt Loudspeaker with Built-in Alesis DSP
Alpha 115

Alpha 115 [Learn More]

1000 Watt Loudspeaker with Built-in Alesis DSP
M1Active 320 USB

M1Active 320 USB [Learn More]

Item M1A320USBX110
$89.00 USD | Item out of stock
M1Active 520

M1Active 520 [Learn More]

M1Active 520 USB

M1Active 520 USB [Learn More]

Nearfield Studio Monitors with USB Audio I/O
M1Active 620

M1Active 620 [Learn More]

M1Active MKII

M1Active MKII [Learn More]

Monitor One MKII (Passive)

Monitor One MKII (Passive) [Learn More]