Strata Prime

Ten-Piece electronic drum kit
with touch screen drum module

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World Class Sound.
Professional feel.

Strata Prime is an electronic drum kit without compromise. Every detail has been conceived to deliver a responsive and natural experience for the player. All-mesh drumheads have adjustable tension; the 360-degree cymbals are free to move and respond like acoustic cymbals, and the hi-hat is laser-accurate and plays naturally with any hi-hat stand or hi-hat technique. Together, they create the kind of expressive feeling that you should expect from a meticulously crafted instrument. However, under the hood, there is a truly state-of the-art sound engine that places a vast and detailed library of beautifully recorded drum kits.

State of the Art Prime Module

The Prime Drum Module is without doubt the most technologically advanced drum module ever made.

Alesis Strata Prime Drum Module
Touch Screen

Touch Screen

The sound experience is driven by the legendary BFD drum engine and controlled by a 10.1” touch screen that delivers intuitive navigation, editing, mixing of kits - and recording studio level sound, previously only available on high-powered desktop computers.

Adjust at will

Adjust at will

The touch screen puts every parameter right at your fingertips, so you can call up and adjust every component of the kit, sounds, effects, and utilities effortlessly. There are also six rotary encoders for quick scrolling and detailed control, as well as a main push encoder, transport controls, and dedicated volume knobs for main, phones, and aux outputs.

Multi-core processor

Multi-core processor

Under the hood, there is a powerful multi-core processor that loads huge multi-sampled kits in seconds, and enables instant creative freedom to customize your kits, articulations, microphones, and effects. The brand-new trigger engine is customizable, although Strata Prime is superbly playable straight out of the box, there are several tools to adjust the kit to your specific preference, including to instantly calibrate cross talk.

40 Playable Zones

40 playable zones

Strata Prime has 40 playable zones and uniquely, each trigger zone across the kit can have multiple sounds assigned to it: A main sound, and then up to three additional "Stacks" per zone. You can layer multiple sounds onto another or create a mashup of completely different combinations of sounds – for example add a woodblock and a cowbell to the rim of your snare.

Immaculately sampled sounds

Immaculately sampled sounds

The multi-core processor runs the legendary BFD sound engine. It is an enormous library of drum kits immaculately sampled by top engineers in some of the world’s finest drum recording spaces. With over 40GB of content; 75 kits, +440 kit pieces, +1,000 sound articulations, and more than 215,000 individual samples, you can create your own mixes, apply effects to kit pieces, groups, and even individual microphones.

BFD Drums
4 New Libraries
Prime Electronic
Dark Farm
Percussion Collection
Prime Accoustic

Four sound libraries included

In addition to the factory 75 kits, Strata Prime includes four sound libraries: “Alesis Prime Acoustic”; a huge collection of drum sounds recorded at Powerstation Studios in New England; “BFD Dark Farm”; all acoustic metal orientated expansion pack from the BFD team; “Alesis Prime Electronic”; the best of the Alesis Strike Multipad one-shot electronic drum sounds, great for layering with over acoustic drum samples; and “BFD Percussion”; a diverse collection of percussion sounds from across BFD’s classic percussion packs.

Estepario, The Groovefather
“Strata’s kit has raised the bar of what I thought could be possible. This is the most user friendly and professional e-kit I’ve ever played. No, for real, if you haven’t played it, you don’t know it”

The Groovefather, YouTube: @elestepariosiberiano

Next Level Features



Strata Prime comprises six drums with all-mesh heads. Starting with a dual-zone 14” snare drum, with independent sounds triggered on the head, rim click, and rim shot, followed by 8” / 10” / 12” / 14” toms and of course a 20”kick drum which provides a comfortable playing surface while being suitable for all varieties of single and double kick drum pedals. PLEASE NOTE: Kick pedal sold separately. The tension can be adjusted on all six mesh heads so you can set the exact level of rebound and expressiveness to your preference - and unnatural ‘hotspots’ on the heads are eliminated by Alesis’ unique patented anti-hotspot sensor design*.



The Strata Prime’s ARC cymbals are supremely sensitive with a beautifully lathed surface. All three cymbals, the 18” ride, and two 16”crashes, are triple-zone; with different sounds triggered on the bell, bow, and edge of each cymbal. They are all 360-degree responsive, so not only can you play anywhere throughout the cymbal, but they mount on standard acoustic arm mounts, allowing them to respond and swing naturally, without restrictions. The crash and ride cymbals and hi-hats have dual-edge sensors* and profiles that allow incredible expressiveness without having to adjust your technique.

Precision Hi-hat

Precision Hi-hat

The 14” hi-hat is the world’s first Active Magnetic, stand mounted controller. PLEASE NOTE: Hi-hat stand sold separately. Like the cymbals, it’s a triple-zoned 360-degree playing surface which is extremely sensitive. Magnetic position sensing ensures that pedal movements are translated with extraordinarily high resolution; meaning the contactless controller is unmatched in its accuracy. The unit can be used with a wide variety of hi-hat stands and playing techniques. Its active technology is powered directly from the Prime Drum Module; no extra power adapter required.

360 Playing Surface


Magnetic Control System

Control System

ARC Technology


Key Features

Strata Prime Key Features

1. Overview

  • Ten-piece all-mesh kit including kick, snare, 4 toms, hi-hat, ride and 2 crash cymbals
    PLEASE NOTE: Hi-hat stand and kick pedal sold separately
  • 360-degree ARC cymbals and Active Magnetic hi-hat technology
  • State of the art touch screen module running the BFD sound engine with 75 kits

2. Drums

  • Dual-zone mesh snare
  • 8” / 10” / 12” / 14” Dual-zone mesh toms
  • 20” kick drum with mesh head
  • Four post steel rack with locking clamps

3. Cymbals

  • 360-degree triple-zone cymbals and hi-hat
  • 14” active hi-hat cymbal with magnetic stand-mounted controller
  • Two 16” crash cymbals and one 18” ride

4. Module

  • 10.1” touch display
  • BFD sound engine running on a multi-core processor
  • 75 Kits, 440+ Kit Pieces, 1,000+ Sound Articulations, and over 215,000 individual samples.
  • Over 40GB of included content on 128 GB of internal storage
  • Revolutionary new customizable trigger engine with automatic crosstalk filtering with presets for all modern Alesis electronic triggers

Technical Specifications

Strata Kick 20 (20x14in acoustic shell, mesh head) PLEASE NOTE: Kick pedal sold separately

Strata Drum 14 (14in mesh head with patented anti-hotspot trigger system)

Tom 1: Strata Drum 8in (8in mesh head with patented anti-hotspot trigger system)
Tom 2: Strata Drum 10in (10in mesh head with patented anti-hotspot trigger system)
Tom 3: Strata Drum 12in (12in mesh head with patented anti-hotspot trigger system)
Tom 4: Strata Drum 14in (14in mesh head with patented anti-hotspot trigger system)

ARC Hi-hat 14 Active (14in 360-degree triple-zone cymbal with stand mounted Active Magnetic controller) PLEASE NOTE: Hihat stand sold separately.

ARC Cymbal 18 (18in 360-degree triple-zone cymbal)

Cymbal 1: ARC Cymbal 16 (16in 360-degree triple-zone cymbal)
Cymbal 2: ARC Cymbal 16 (16in 360-degree triple-zone cymbal)

Prime Drum Module w/ 10.1" touchscreen, multi-core processor, powered by BFD3 sound engine.
Number of Drum Kits: 75
Number of Instruments: 40+ GB of all new, multi-layered factory content, 440+ Kit Pieces, 1092 Articulations across 4 diverse sound libraries from Alesis and BFD
Module Trigger Inputs: 13 x 1/4" TRS (drum triggers), 1 x 1/4" TRS (Active hi-hat control)
Module Analog Inputs: 2x 1/4" TRS
Module Analog Outputs: 2x XLR (main), 4x 1/4" TRS (assignable outs)
Headphones: 1 x 1/4" & 1x 1/8"
Module MIDI I/O: USB MIDI, 5-pin In/ Out, Bluetooth MIDI
USB: 1 x Type B (host) & 1x Type A (storage, external MIDI controllers)
Storage: 128GB internal drive, SD/SDHC Card Slot, USB drive

Free BFD Player + Expansion Packs

4-post Steel Rack, 3x Cymbal Boom Arms, Snare Stand