Alesis Strike Series

We make a lot of noise about how quiet our mesh drumheads are - but quiet doesn't always cut it! Sometimes you just need to be heard! The Alesis Drums Strike Amp Series delivers 2000 watts of power and clarity so your electronic drums will ring true in any situation. The portable Strike Amp 8 is your perfect practice companion, featuring a handsomely-housed 8” woofer and built-in mixer. Want to invite some friends over to jam? The Strike Amp 8 cuts through the mix so you won’t get drowned-out by your bandmates. If you’re planning on hitting the road, the Strike Amp 12 is an absolute on-stage juggernaut. With its larger 12” low-frequency driver and the same intuitive mixer as its little brother, the Strike Amp 12 will have the crowd wondering where you’re hiding the subwoofer. The Alesis Drums Strike Amp Series are the best amps to power your drums!