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USB Pro Drum Kit - Product Spotlight

Professional USB Drumset

The USB Pro Drum Kit is the world's first drum set designed to use your Mac or PC as the sound module. But what does that mean? Think about it: which has more processing power a hardware drum module or the computer on which youre reading this web page? Even an out-of-date PC or Mac has a more powerful processor than the most cutting edge drum module. So we developed the USB Pro Drum Kit to do what no other drumset manufacturer has done before: work out-of-the-box with your computer as its sound module!

What makes the USB Pro Drum Kit work is our Trigger|iO trigger-to-MIDI interface. This easy-to-use box takes the signals from the dual-zone drum pads and SURGE Cymbals and turns them into MIDI information, which means that it can then interface with any sound-generation source, be it hardware or software. You could plug the drumset into most keyboards, sound modules, or samplers and trigger the sounds from your drums.

The Trigger|iO sends out the MIDI signal of what you play on the kit two ways: on a regular MIDI and also over USB so it can connect to your computer and control software. Because the USB Pro Drum Kit is MIDI compatible, you can track a performance, and then go back afterward and tweak your sounds. Try that with acoustic drums! USB Pro Drum Kit opens up a new world of software including BFD, Toontrack, and Reason to drummers and producers looking for realistic drum performances.

And speaking of software, FXpansion BFD Lite comes right in the box with the kit. If youve never used BFD before, it will blow you away with its collection of impeccably recorded, real drum sounds, classic electronic sounds, and its easy-to-use recording studio control interface. No degree in audio engineering is required to quickly get up and running on BFD.

You get multiple articulations, velocity layers, and mic positions, which means almost anything you can do in a recording studio with miking, tuning, and processing you can do in BFD live, on the spot. BFD Lite also comes with grooves from the BFD Groove library so you can sequence and create loops for creative, layered performances. For more advanced engineers, BFD Lite works in VST and AU plugin formats, making it a perfect instrument for use with nearly any DAW.

Got a favorite brand of cymbal you like? What about toms? No problem, we've got you covered. BFD Lite lets you select from a list of authentic legendary drum and cymbals sounds. Customizing your kit has never been so easy. Point, click and play.

USB Pro Drum Kit's drum pads and SURGE Cymbals have the right feel for drummers who are used to playing on drumheads and alloy cymbals.

The kit has dual-zone snare drum and tom pads and a single-zone kick built around standard 8” mylar drumheads muffled with acoustic-dampening foam for quiet response. The dual-zone snare and tom pads enable rimshots or rim clicks or any other sounds you choose to assign to them. Want a crotale, an old-school drum machine kick drum, and a cowbell? Put them on the tom rims and they’re within striking distance.

The drumheads are tunable with a standard drum key for adjustable tension and feel. The triple-flanged counterhoops are covered in removable, sound-reducing rubber sleeves, which further cut acoustic noise. You can use any single or double kick pedal with the USB Pro Drum Kit’s bass drum pad, and it has the same natural feel of the other drum pads.

Forget those uninspiring, black, rubber discs. SURGE Cymbals are the genuine articles. We start with true cymbal-brass alloy discs and lathe them for the flexible stick-on-metal feel you’re used to. Then we add a sound-dampening layer that dramatically cuts the cymbals’ acoustic noise. Finally, we mount customized piezo triggers to the underside in rugged, ABS housings so the electronics will withstand whatever even the most enthusiastic Keith Moon understudies dish out.

Taking acoustic realism one step further, we also developed models with giant choke strips on the underside. No guessing or aiming. Just grab the cymbal and the sound stops. We even have a dual-zone Ride so you can trigger bell and bow sounds from one cymbal.

USB Pro Drum Kit comes with our top-of-the-line SURGE Cymbal Pack with choke: a 12” SURGE Hi-Hat Cymbal with continuously variable pedal, a 13” SURGE Crash Cymbal with choke, and a 16” SURGE dual-zone Ride Cymbal with choke.

The USB Pro Drum Kit is the first of its kind. It is designed specifically as a controller for use with your computer as the sound module. You can also use it with nearly any sound module or MIDI instrument, and its feel is second-to-none in acoustic drum realism.

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